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CASTLES AND LOCHS OF SCOTLAND (LLI 7027): Join us for an armchair tour of Scotland to see its intriguing cities, regal castles, untamed highlands, and spectacular lochs and glens.

ENCHANTED DOOR COUNTY (LLI 7036): Join us as we virtually tour historic lighthouses, discover picturesque communities, visit some Midwestern wineries, and explore the beautiful natural scenery in Door County, Wisconsin. We will explore the shorelines and fine dining, as well as a variety of down-home experiences. Join world traveler Nancy McCully as she takes you on an enchanted journey.

EXPERIENCE FLORENCE: BEHIND THE WALLS (LLI 7012): Take a trip into the past! Visit the art and architecture of Renaissance and Baroque Florence with art historian Susan Langworthy. We will talk about the major monuments of Florence such as the David and the Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore), visit the city center, and then venture into the less well-known parts of this beautiful city. Experience Florence “behind the walls” through personal insights and amusing anecdotes. Enjoy the trip whether you have already been there, are planning to go or just ready to enjoy Florence virtually.

MAGICAL MACKINAC ISLAND (LLI 7037): Explore Mackinac Island, the land of ferry boats, history, fudge, and family fun. Admire the island’s natural beauty while learning about it’s forts, lighthouses, Victorian cottages, and legendary hotels. You will be mesmerized hearing about the quaint village and horse drawn carriages that give this Michigan location a wholesome, exciting, and over the top experience. Nancy McCully’s lecture evokes a wonderful journey; it’s just like being there.

MICHIGAN LIGHT HOUSE (LLI 0862): In the 1800’s more than fifty lighthouses were built to guide ships through Lake Michigan’s treacherous waters. Join Nancy McCully as you travel the lake’s Michigan and Wisconsin coasts to learn the history and legends of these fascinating and romantic navigation aids. 

THE VATICAN PART 1 (LLI 7015): Explore the rich history of Vatican City, the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. How did this uncultivated piece of land along the right bank of the Tiber develop into an area of such importance? How does the significance of St. Peter’s Basilica fit into Roman history? Examine its architectural heritage as a wooden structure of the 4th century became one of the world’s most magnificent structures. Live through the sack of Rome in 1527 based on actual accounts of the event. This class illuminates the background of the Vatican and prepares you to venture inside its walls.

THE VATICAN PART II (LLI 7053): Take a journey inside the walls of the Vatican. Have a look at the Belvedere Gardens, the Vatican Library, and the Vatican Museums, and see the great works by artists such as Raphael, Michelangelo, and the masterpieces of classical sculpture. Learn about the contributions and foibles of some of the more famous and infamous Popes. Discover some of the lesser known parts of this complex structure. Even if you haven’t been to Rome, you will come away with a better understanding of this amazingly fascinating city.

WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM (LLI 7025): The Dakotas and Montana are filled with wide open spaces where the buffalo still roam. Discover the Badlands of North and South Dakota; see the four presidents carved into Mount Rushmore; and take a virtual tour of the majestic mountains of Glacier National Park. Learn about legendary figures of the western frontier including Lewis and Clark, Theodore Roosevelt, Crazy Horse, and Sitting Bull.


Please note: Not all classes are offered every semester. 

Classes are offered at the Harper College Main Campus as well as at our partner locations. Please check the current schedule or call 847.925.6300 to confirm the location of your class.