Advanced RiderCourse (ARC)

In the ten-hour ARC course, participants will:

  1. Increase skills, knowledge, safety awareness and enjoyment
  2. Become familiar with motorcycle dynamics, survival strategies, emergency braking, countersteering and traction availability
  3. Practice precise steering techniques and correct braking methods under controlled conditions with Motorcycle Safety Foundation Certified Instructors
  4. Gain the knowledge necessary for further development of safe riding skills

Advanced RiderCourse (ARC) Eligibility

ARC students must:

  • provide their own street-legal motorcycle or have the owner's written permission to use a borrowed street-legal motorcycle
  • have a motorcycle endorsement to ride the motorcycle used in the ARC
  • complete a waiver form and motorcycle safety inspection checklist (forms provided)
  • show proof of motorcycle insurance at first class meeting

Protective Clothing Requirements: What You Need to Bring

Participants should bring protective clothing. The following items are required without exception:

  • sturdy, over-the-ankle footwear (not cloth or canvas, boots suggested)
  • long pants
  • long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • gloves that cover entire hands
  • protective eyewear (any type of glasses that can be worn while operating a motorcycle/driving)
  • DOT-approved helmet (must be at least 1/2-shell helmet; 3/4 or full-face helmets recommended)


A valid motorcycle license is required to take the ARC. Completion of the ARC does not waive the test requirements for obtaining a motorcycle license through the Secretary of State.