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EN GARDE FENCING FOR BEGINNERS (LPS 0022): Rene Castellanos, a nationally ranked competitive fencer since 1972, leads this exciting introductory course on Epee style fencing. epee style fencers stalk their opponent waiting for the right opportunity and then follow with a quick attack and/or counterattack. In epee the entire body is a valid target, much like in an actual duel! No prior experience is required for this course. Beginners and continuing students will benefit. Sword and face mask are provided. Continuing students may wish to purchase their own equipment at some point. You should wear a sweatshirt or something similar to class. 

EN GARDE! INTERMEDIATE FENCING (LPS 0122): A continuation to the En Garde: Introduction to Fencing, students will master the fundamentals of epee fencing including strategy and tactics. Footwork and handwork specific to epee will be explained and demonstrated, followed by practice drills in pairs by students under the supervision of the instructor. Because of the physical exertion required by the sport, students with health concerns are encouraged to see a physician before enrolling.