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Make a Difference – Pave the Way to a Rewarding Experience in Nonprofits

Whether you want to start a new career, improve your fundraising skills, or serve as a board member, Harper College CE offers the courses to help you help others.


INTRODUCTION TO NONPROFITS (LVM 0200): Pave the way to a rewarding and fruitful experience in this overview of philanthropy. Staff members, board members, volunteers and donors will learn the characteristics of the nonprofit sector while gaining the fundamentals of this growing industry. This introductory course is for those who have little or no experience in nonprofits and should be taken prior to taking Nonprofit Boards (LVM 8201) and Fundraising for Nonprofits (LVM 8202). Participants with experience may enroll directly in the other courses. Includes all materials.

NONPROFIT BOARDS (LVM 8201): Nonprofit organizations need a well-functioning and mission-focused board. Learn to manage critical board issues including recruitment, meetings, and executive evaluations. Uncover the board’s role in the strategic planning process regarding goals, action steps, budgets, and evaluations. Review legal issues including key filings required in Illinois and with the IRS, conflicts of interest, and whistleblower policies. Includes all materials.

FUNDRAISING FOR NONPROFITS (LVM 0802): If you’re new to fundraising or need a refresher to develop your skills at identifying, cultivating, and asking for funds, this class is the answer. Learn a variety of donor development methods and how to overcome objections. Discover how to move the donor through successive commitment levels. Gain insight into preparing case statements, retaining donors, creating long-term plans, and designing direct marketing communications. Includes all materials.

GRANT RESEARCH AND WRITING (LVM 0210): Expand your fundraising horizons by becoming more knowledgeable about grant funding sources and how to access them. This workshop covers all the key factors in writing successful grant applications including state and federal requirements for grant seekers. Learn more about the variety of grant sources available including foundations, corporations and research organizations. Become informed now; raise more funds tomorrow! Includes all materials.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.