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Evacuation Plan and Personnel

Evacuation of the building is REQUIRED when the building’s alarm system sounds or when instructed to do so by Harper Police.

Building Evacuation

  • Determine in advance the nearest exit to your work area and the route you will follow. Establish an alternate route in the
    event your first route is blocked or unsafe to use
  • Assist those in need
  • In case of fire, do not use the elevator
  • Once outside, proceed to designated meeting location and remain there until everyone is present and Harper Police, the Palatine Fire Department, or a designated representative (see below) has given the “all clear” to re-enter the building
  • If a meeting location has not been designated, go to the nearest parking lot or at least 50 feet from the building

Campus Evacuation

  • If a situation requires a part of or the entire campus to be evacuated, Harper Police will direct faculty, staff, students and visitors to safety

Evacuation Personnel

Print this page out, fill in the blanks, and post in your area:


Building, Floor, Meeting Location

Evacuation Leader Ext.

Alternate Leader Ext.

Searcher 1 Ext.

Searcher 1 Alternate Ext.

Searcher 2 Ext.

Searcher 2 Alternate Ext.

Stairwell Monitor Ext.

Stairwell Monitor Alternate Ext.

Elevator Monitor Ext.

Elevator Monitor Alternate Ext.

Disabilities Aide Ext.

Disabilities Aide Alternate Ext.