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Fire Emergencies

If there is a fire, explosion, or smoke in a building, remember RACE!

  • Remove anyone from immediate danger
  • Activate the fire alarm system by pulling the nearest fire alarm,then call 911 from a safe location
  • Contain the fire by closing doors
  • Evacuate the building. Follow your evacuation plan. Stay close to the floor and never use the elevator

If you are trapped in a room:

    • Put a wet towel at the base of the door
    • Call 911 and tell them your location
    • Do not break any windows; this will send glass down on emergency responders
    • Wave something in the window to get attention

If your clothing is on fire, STOP, DROP and ROLL or use a safety shower if one is nearby.

You may attempt to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher if ALL of the following are present:

• You have been trained in the use of fire extinguishers
• The fire alarm has been activated and the building is evacuating
• The fire is small (waste basket size) and contained
• You have the correct type of extinguisher
• Your exit is clear and you can fight the fire with your back to the door