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Severe Weather

Harper Police are prepared to keep a watchful eye on weather conditions and will warn the Harper community.

Two types of conditions are monitored and may be announced:

  • Severe Weather Warning:

    is when severe weather is imminent for the area that includes Harper College. You should be alert to changing conditions that may include a tornado warning.
  • Tornado Warning:

    is when a funnel cloud or tornado has been sighted or the National Weather Service has reported a tornado in the area near, or approaching the area that includes Harper College. You should proceed to a place of safety immediately.


  • Determine an appropriate tornado shelter location prior to an emergency. There are some designated shelter areas posted throughout campus with yellow “Tornado Shelter” signs. Generally these areas are first floor interior hallways (without windows) and rest rooms, however classrooms and offices on the first floor that do not have windows are also good shelter areas. Designated shelter areas are posted on Emergency Maps in buildings throughout the campus
  • Below ground level is the best shelter, however only building A and Z have limited shelter space that can be used. 
  • Avoid traveling past or taking shelter in spaces with windows
  • Avoid windows, doors and outside walls
  • Go to the center of the room
  • Avoid areas with wide-span roofs, such as auditoriums and M building gymnasium
  • If you are outside, you should immediately seek shelter inside the nearest building. Do not travel outside to get to another building.
  • Persons with mobility disabilities should move to an area on the floor in which they are on without windows. 


  • Stay in the shelter area until the ALL CLEAR has been given


  • Check for injured persons. Render first aid if necessary
  • Do not move severely injured people unless absolutely necessary
  • If ALL CLEAR was issued – exit damaged buildings
  • Do not re-enter damaged buildings
  • Use the telephone and cell phone only for emergency calls