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Electronics Engineering Technology Department

General Information

About the Program:

Electronics Engineering Technology has always been an important career program at Harper College. Because of this, we are very pleased to offer students contemporary degree and certificate programs conducted in “state-of-the-art” facilities. Our 21st Century classroom and laboratory resources located in the Avante Center greatly strengthen the instruction of electrical and electronics courses by bringing them in line with current and emerging technologies. 

The Associate in Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology Degree provides students with a solid foundation on which they can enter industry, or transfer to a 4-year college or university to complete their undergraduate education. Students may complete their AAS degree at Harper and then transfer to selected institutions offering technology or engineering technology bachelors degrees. Local transfer alternatives include Illinois Institute of Technology’s Bachelor of Manufacturing Technology & Management (BMTM) degree and Northern Illinois University’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management & Technology degree. Full-time students may complete their AAS degree at Harper College in approximately 2 years. 

The Electronics, RFID Electronics, Advanced Industrial Electronics Maintenance, Alternative Electrical Energy, Industrial Electronics Maintenance and Electrical Maintenance Certificates offer many new technology courses, particularly in industrial electronics and renewable energy. Students may quickly increase their technical knowledge and “on-the-job” skills while completing certificates in 1-2 semesters on a part-time basis. Virtually all certificate program courses may be applied toward the AAS degree should the student wish to continue their education. 

About the Program Coordinator:

George W. Hoeltje, P. E. is a “first generation” Harper graduate having earned AS, AA, AAS and AES degrees, and also holds a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and BSEE from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. George began his industry career as an intern at Motorola in 1973 while enrolled in Harper’s Engineering Transfer and Electronics Technology programs. After completing undergraduate studies, he continued his career holding positions of increasing responsibility in engineering, engineering management and executive management at Motorola, Inc., Zenith Electronics Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Maxtec International Corp. and Wireless Enterprises, Inc. In 2000, George returned to Harper and is currently an Associate Professor / Program Coordinator of the Electronics Engineering Technology Department. Additionally, George is a Registered Professional Engineer (State of Illinois), holds FCC Commercial Radio Telephone and Amateur Radio Extra Class Licenses, and is active in many professional engineering organizations and societies. 

About the Faculty:

Our Full & Part-Time (Adjunct) Faculty provides instruction of all electronics courses. Presently, the department consists of a single full-time faculty member, Professor Hoeltje and a number of adjunct instructors who are employed in the electronics industry. Our adjunct instructors possess undergraduate and / or graduate degrees from top ranked engineering universities, and are practicing Electrical Engineers having considerable industry experience in consumer, commercial / industrial and military electronics. Collectively, our faculty brings a wealth of professional experience to the classroom. 

About the Advisory Committee:

Our Advisory Committee consists of volunteers from local industry and represents a dynamic cross-section of electronics firms in the Chicago area. These individuals are also degreed, practicing Electrical Engineers possessing considerable expertise in their respective technical disciplines and technology business areas. In addition, the committee represents virtually all facets of electronic product and business development including: research, technical sales and marketing, application engineering, product development and design, manufacturing operations and customer support. 

About the Students:

Our Students at Harper College truly represent the diversity of our local population. A large percentage of students are adult learners and come from all walks of life. Many are currently employed in electronics or electronics related industries and desire to increase their knowledge and skills, while others are right out of high school or may be mid-life “career changers” seeking first time employment opportunities in the electronics field. There are also increasing numbers of students already possessing degrees in other technical disciplines who are trying to broaden their technology base. 

About the Industry and Job Placement:

Our Faculty & Advisory Committee Members frequently assist students with respect to key job placement activities. In fact, faculty and committee members routinely help students develop resumes, teach effective interviewing skills and provide the necessary industry connections so qualified students may be contacted by hiring managers. Equally important, our diverse student population offers tremendous networking advantages with respect to identifying the “hidden” job opportunities that exist in industry while greatly enhancing the overall academic experience.