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HST 202: Topics in History

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Topics in History

(1.0 - 3.0)

1.0 - 3.0

Course Description

Examines selected eras or topics in the various fields of history. The exact content and instructional methodology will vary from semester to semester depending on the material to be studied. A syllabus and/or course outline containing additional information will be available with other preregistration materials each time the course is offered. Experience or interest in history is recommended, but not required. This course may be taken from one to three credit hours.

Topical Outline

The outline of the course can vary depending on the topic.

Method of Presentation

While the course will vary with the topic, methods of presentation include: videotapes, simulations, field experience, class discussion, small group activities, films, guest speakers, and lectures.

Student Outcomes (The student should…)

  • Study a topic which may not be a part of an existing course content or which may be pursued in more depth than in an existing course.

Method of Evaluation

Depending on the topic, evaluation would include exams, papers, and oral presentations.


Textbook information varies depending on the topic.

Prepared by: Thomas DePalma
Fall, 2007

Sample Topics

  • The Civil War Era: 1848 – 1856
  • The American Revolution
  • The Modern Civil Rights Movement, 1954 – 1972
  • The Roaring 20s: Modernism and Backlash
  • The American Presidency: 1788 – 1900
  • Presidents of the Twentieth Century
  • The World War II Experience: 1932 – 1945
  • “The Two Sixties:” America During the 1960s
  • The History of American Sports
  • The Face of America: The Legacy of a Nation of Immigrants
  • “The Wild West”: The Culture and Conflicts of the American West, 1866 – 1900
  • The Role of Common People in Revolution, War, and Change
  • The Cold War: Lessons of the Past for Today
  • The Vietnam War