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COVID Vaccine Requirement

The DCS and DMS programs partner with healthcare facilities to provide off-campus clinical experiences for its students. These facilities prescribe health requirements for all students who are placed at their clinical sites. DCS and DMS students must submit documentation reflecting their compliance with clinical health requirements established prior to clinical participation which takes place during the second year of the program. Upon accepting their seat in the program, the student attests that they will meet these requirements at the appropriate time.

These requirements include:

  • Proof of health insurance
  • CPR certification
  • Passed criminal background check for placement on the Healthcare Worker Registry
  • Physical exam confirming adequate functional capacity to meet the requirements of the profession
  • Clean random urine drug screen(s)
  • Proof of absence of TB
  • Hepatitis B vaccination if titer is negative
  • MMR vaccination if titer is negative
  • Tdap vaccination within last 10 years
  • Varicella vaccination if titer is negative
  • Annual flu vaccination
  • Initial COVID vaccination – boosters are not required at this time
  • Completion of required OSHA compliance training modules

Unless the clinical site has indicated, in writing to the program, a change or update to their health requirements, all of the above health requirements must be met before a student may participate in a clinical rotation. Exemptions are NOT considered.

A student who fails to comply with the off-campus clinical health requirements listed above, is unable to participate in the required clinical component, and thus unable to graduate from the program.

Inquiries regarding the DCS and DMS clinical health requirements should be directed to Kelly Hamontree, Program Coordinator, at khamontr@harpercollege.edu.