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PSC270: Global Politics

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Global Politics



Course Description

Uses role playing to study how foreign policy is made. Explores human problems such as population, food, and energy on a global dimension. Examines international bodies, including the United Nations, and explores how nations interact.

Topical Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. The Role of Principles
  3. Nuclear Deterrence
  4. The Middle East
  5. Post-Cold War International Politics
  6. Terrorism
  7. Trade
  8. Human Rights 
  9. Third World and the American Political Context
  10. The Media and Environmental Policy
  11. The UN and the Future
  12. Great Power Rivalries

Method of Presentation

  1. Lecture
  2. Large and small group discussions
  3. Student presentations
  4. Films
  5. Guest speakers
  6. Simulations

Student Outcomes (The student should…)

  1. locate and label various countries of the world being studied on a basic level.
  2. demonstrate an understanding of the terms and concepts of international relations by explaining and applying them to specific global events.
  3. apply principles of international relations to a series of newspaper and scholarly articles both in writing and orally.
  4. analyze and make decisions to resolve global and foreign policy dilemmas with both clarity and brevity.

Method of Evaluation

  1. Written short answer and essay examinations
  2. Research paper and several short papers
  3. Debates
  4. Map quizzes
  5. Oral presentations
  6. Group projects
  7. Self-assessment


Roskinr, New World of International Relations, Prentice Hall, 2008.

Prepared by: Bobby Summers

Fall, 2008