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Grumpy Sam: The Not-So-Nice Boss

It was another day at the ABC factory in Simple Town, USA. The boss, known as Grumpy Sam, started the day as usual by walking around and monitoring the employees to ensure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing and work was getting done. Just another typical day at work, but there was one slight difference: a new worker on the factory line was learning their new duties and responsibilities as part of the team. Read More

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Heat Related Illness Prevention - Be Cool! Literally.

Heat Related Illness Prevention – Be Cool! Literally. Who knew? The term "be cool" came from William Shakespeare. Folklore tales of how some of the most famous quotes came into being often leave us questioning the validity of each story, but none more than the tale of how "be cool" came to be. Read More

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Importance of Training and Developing Young Workers

With Spring nearly upon us, seasonal workers “spring” back into action as the weather changes, many of which are outdoors. A lot of these jobs expose workers to environments that call for higher safety measures due to the nature of work, i.e., roofing, construction requiring ladders, scaffolding or boom lifts. Read More

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Culture within a culture?

Data and statistics on workplace injuries are gathered and reviewed annually for many reasons. One of the main reasons this data is so important is because the information shows what types of injuries are most frequent. While the data helps to direct attention to the most frequent types of injuries and potential causes for these incidents, there are also data points on injury rates among different ethnicities/cultures that are important for employers to review, so they know where to place their attention when it comes to prevention strategies. Read More

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Safe and Healthful Workplace

What is healthful? Some define it as “conducive to health,” while others describe it as “good for you.” Companies with facilities with any hazardous materials or chemicals must establish specific protocols to maintain a safe and healthful workplace. Read More

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Safety First

Workplace safety or getting the job done - which of the two is more important? If company owners or employees were asked these questions, the obvious answer would be "workplace safety." Unfortunately, some of the reported workplace injuries suggest that many of the injuries happen when a worker takes a shortcut and fails to follow safety protocol. Read More

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Don't Play LOTO

Yes, LOTO, but not the LOTO many people think of! What I mean is Lock Out/Tag Out. In many industries that use machinery of all sizes, the need to properly ensure that each is powered down properly and tagged prominently, showing that the machine is safe to be serviced, is a high priority. Read More

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Going on "autopilot" can be risky

Repetition. How much of our lives are filled with repetitive behaviors, tasks, or specific physical movements? Life is full of them. Whether it’s walking, talking or driving a car. Read More

Last Updated: 9/1/23