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The Content Embed component is used to schedule a message to appear or expire at a certain date/time. This is useful for communicating temporary schedule changes, promoting upcoming events, or highlighting important deadlines, for example.

Content Embed has two parts: 1) A file that contains the message, which lives in your site's includes folder, and 2) a component on the page where you want the content to display.

The File: Your site's schedule content files, if there are any, can be found in your site's /includes/embeds folder. Filenames for anything in this folder can be long and descriptive, so it helps to use keywords and dates to help you remember what the post is for and when it expires. As a best practice, do not use capitals, spaces or underscores when naming files. Separating words with hyphens is recommended.

When editing the file, you should notice that the file has only basic formatting and doesn't look like a standard Harper page. That's okay, because this content will be embedded into a page that does have Harper's standard template already applied to it. You can add formatting like bold, itals. etc. headings, and snippets, such as callouts.

The file can be schedule to publish and/or expire at particular dates/times.

The Component: When editing your page, place the cursor down where you want the component to go and click the Components icon (looks like an atom). Then choose the Content Embed component. In the file chooser, select the file that you want to embed. Note: When you are in Omni CMS, you will not be able to see the contents of the Component. It will show up once the page is published.

Embed files need to be in a folder where the "foundation" theme is applied. The folder and all files within should be excluded from the sitemap and from search. To create a new content file, it's usually better to copy an existing one. However, you can also create a new blog post, then go into source and change the second line to reference the post-slide.xsl as follows:

<?pcf-stylesheet path="/_resources/xsl/blog/post-slide.xsl" title="Blog Post" extension="php"?>

To remove the heading from the content, go into the Multiedit menu and delete the Post Title.

Because the component uses a symlink, you can update a filename without causing an error. The notice can also be tagged as a callout, interrupter and news feed item, provided a Custom URL is added to properties.

Updated 11/4/2021 


Below is an example of how a Content Embed can look when the content is formatted within a callout box:

Harper College will be closed on Memorial Day.

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