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News Feed Component

To add news stories to your page, click on the Components icon in the page editor toolbar (the icon looks like an atom diagram) and choose the News Feed component. You will then need to enter information about the feed.

Section Identifier: Used for tracking purposes, not displayed, should be unique and descriptive of the page its on (eg. Biology News Feed)

Section Heading: The heading text that appears above the news feed.

Intro Text: The text that appears below the heading and above the news feed.

Keywords: Enter the keywords that your articles are tagged with. For example, articles related to the chemistry department are tagged "chemistry". Leaving this blank to pull in any news post.

Post Layout: Choose the layout for the news feed. The most common layout options include:

Blowout: Displays posts on white background, with a button for the call to action.
Headline: Just the Headline is displayed
Stacked: Two or more articles are displayed stacked vertically on a gray background. Call to action is displayed as linked text.

Location: Leave this blank to pull posts from anywhere. To pull from a specific folder location, add the folder path.

Number of Posts: Select the number of posts you want displayed.

Year: Limit the posts by year by entering a four-digit year into this field.

Pagination: Enabling this will paginate your news feed

Enable/Hide Heading and Intro: Setting this to display-none will hide it, visible will enable it.

Stacked Example

Harper Hawk Schaumburg Boomers Back to School

Harper to co-host Back to School Night with Schaumburg Boomers on August 3

Join students, faculty, staff and alumni for an evening of baseball, giveaways and fireworks at the ballpark. Read More

Gricelda Adame-Garcia celebrates with her family at Harper College's Illinois High School Diploma Ceremony.

Harper's High School Diploma graduates celebrate persistence and support

Gricelda Adame-Garcia and Brittney Raker spoke about turning feelings of discouragement into optimism at Harper College’s Illinois High School Diploma Ceremony. Read More

CPE students explore renewable energy using a solar demo unit at the Learning and Career Center in Prospect Heights

Harper continues to expand green economy programs

Students can enroll in both credit and non-credit courses involving environmental sustainability, solar energy and more. Read More

Last Updated: 12/14/23