Forms on the Harper website are housed in Formstack. Once a form is created in Formstack, it can be embedded in any Harper web page using embed code. An example of an embedded form can be found below.

Account Access and Training

Formstack licenses are available for purchase by submitting a Technology Purchase Request on HIP. 

If you already have a Formstack account and need access to additional forms, please submit a Web Request Form.

If you would like to request training, please submit a Web Request Form.

Protecting User Privacy

While Formstack does offer a number of security options, no system is completely safe from hackers. Please consider that any information you collect could potentially be accessed by unauthorized individuals.

For that reason, forms should generally collect the minimum amount of information necessary to accomplish a specific business goal that also benefits the user. Consider leaving out questions about users' birthdate/age or gender, for instance, unless that information will be used to directly improve the users' experience at Harper at this point in their educational journey.

Note: If you need to collect medical information, social security numbers or other sensitive information, enhanced security features will need to be enabled on your form. These features will limit some of Formstack's functionality.

The best way to protect your users' privacy is to ask for as little information as possible.


Last Updated: 11/3/21