Photo Gallery

Below is an example of the photo gallery available in the standard web template. The gallery is made through a table transformation, and there are columns for desktop and mobile-optimized images.

  • The captions do not allow line breaks. You can use · dashes, or italics/bold to separate elements if needed.
  • To italicize, use the code: &i{{copy goes here}}
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Sample Gallery

About the Collection

The original concept for the Harper College Art Collection included public exhibition of works of art. Since 1969, the Educational Foundation of the College has established and developed a permanent collection of more than 360 works of painting, printmaking, drawing, photography and sculpture. The work of many nationally and internationally known artists is featured in the Collection. The Educational Foundation has built this large collection with generous donations, privately sponsored purchase awards for artists, grants, and long-term loans made by artists. This tour will showcase a number of diverse works from Harper’s extensive collection.

Last Updated: 3/10/23