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Shuffling Accordion Full

The Shuffling Accordion Full snippet is used to hide information under a heading. When clicked, the box expands to display the full text. This allows for more information to be put on a page without overwhelming the reader. The Shuffling Accordion Full snippet closes other expanded headings when a different one is clicked, creating a clean user experience.

How to Create a Shuffling Accordion Full

  1. Place the cursor on your page where you want the Shuffling Accordion Full snippet.
  2. Click on the Snippet icon in your tool bar (it looks like a puzzle piece), then choose Shuffling Accordion Full.
  3. Edit the Shuffling Accordion Full as needed. In Edit mode, the Accordion Arrow is shown as two boxes. The top box contains bold text and is the text that will be shown when the arrow is not expanded. Below that is a larger box with more text.  This text will be shown when the arrow is clicked on.

Shuffling Accordion

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Shuffling Accordion Half

Works very similarly, but is formatted as an inset to the right, with paragraph text to the left.

Last Updated: 12/14/23