Harper College

How to Make a Virtual Speech

Thank you for contributing your presentation to Harper College. Below are some tips and tricks on how to shoot your speech from the comfort of your home.

 • The best light source in a home is usually a window
 • Place yourself looking directly toward the window, using its ambient light
 • Try to avoid the sun directly hitting your face or squinting
 • Light appearing from the side or behind won’t look as good

 • Find a clean and attractive area for your background
 • Something dignified & attractive is ideal
 • Avoid anything too busy or too empty
 • Avoid distracting things like clocks, posters with writing, etc.

 • Decide whether to sit or stand
 • Position the camera at eye level. You can use a tripod, ladder, tall dresser, boxes, books, etc
 • Turn your camera so it shoots horizontally
 • Camera should be a little more than an arm’s length away
 • Keep yourself in the center of the frame
 • Try not to leave too space above your head (a little space is ok!)

• The environment should be as silent as possible
 • Turn off music or television
 • Stop the heating or cooling unit
 • Have children, family, or pets as far away as possible while recording
 • Stay close to the camera - a little more than an arm’s length away. If you’re too far away, it’ll sound echoey.

 • Write your speech well ahead of time
 • Practice your speech so you’re comfortable with it
 • Rewrite until you are happy with its content and style
 • Feel free to print your speech or bullet points to reference it

 • Consider wearing clothing that presents you professionally
 • Straighten your posture
 • Speak directly into the camera lens (not your own image)
 • Ideally you don’t just read your speech, as you’ll make less eye contact
 • If you printed your speech or notes, hold it or tape it just below the camera
 • Speak loudly and confidently
 • If you make a mistake, simply back up a little bit and start again
 • We can try remove mistakes, but obviously fewer edits is better
 • Communicate as if you are sharing your thoughts with real people
 • Speak from the heart & let your passion shine through!

 • Don’t forget to smile and have fun with it!

 Good luck! We look forward to seeing your presentation! 

Last Updated: 12/14/23