Hawks Care Services for Students

We understand that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic may reach other areas of students’ lives; we are here to help. The Hawks Care Resource Center connects students to critical resources like food, counseling, financial, and other assistance during this time.

Harper College is fortunate to have many area resources - you can browse these community-based resources anytime.  If you're wondering, "Where do I start?" or "What should I do?" that is why we are here!  Having a private conversation with someone who cares will help connect you to the right resources at the right time. Some of the resources are available directly through campus programs.

Hawks Care will provide referrals to community resources for things like:

  • Locating emergency shelter and longer-term housing support programs
  • Food pantries 
  • Locating medical and/or mental health care in the community

Whether you need help finding resources like food pantries, local housing programs, or need help finding other community resources, we can help.  Current students can submit a "Student Assistance Request" using the link in their student portal.  Click on the Advising and Counseling icon, then look for the Hawks Care section to find the link for our "Student Assistance Request." Please note that financial assistance is limited, one-time help for unforeseen emergencies. 


If you're looking for support focused more on your courses, you can turn to your Academic Advisor and there are plenty of additional supports in our Academic Support Center, also! 

We are here for you and will help however we can!

Call 847.925.6393 to set up a virtual or in-person appointment. Services are free and available to currently enrolled students.   

Questions? Call 847.925.6393 or email us: hawkscare@harpercollege.edu 


Last Updated: 8/19/21