Callout Box

Callout Boxes can highlight special announcements or be used to breakup long pages or special instructions. They appear as gray boxes within the main content area. They can contain formatted text, including links and headers.

How to Create a Callout Box

  1. Place the cursor on your page where you want the Callout Box.
  2. Click on the Snippet icon in your tool bar (it looks like a puzzle piece), then choose Callout Box.
  3. Edit the Callout Box as needed.



Your content goes here. Your content goes here. Your content goes here. Your content goes here. Linked text 

Additional Guidelines

Please follow these recommendations for posting emergency information:

When posting information about emergency closures or other updates, please use a callout box at the top of your page, and include these additional guidelines:

  • Start with a date stamp so users know when the information was posted.
  • Keep the information simply stated and direct.
  • Avoid repeating information that is available through Harper's main emergency communications.
  • Link to the College's main advisory site ( for the latest information.