Harper College

Diversity Statement

Harper College aspires to build, strengthen, and maintain a respectful and safe community where inclusivity and the open exchange of ideas are encouraged and supported. Only when our learning and working environments intentionally embrace and embody diverse perspectives can our educational practices move us toward a just society.

It is our personal and shared responsibility to:

  • Operate from an individual and collective awareness of the dynamics of social identity and inequality
  • Respect, value, and learn from a wide range of ideas and perspectives
  • Advocate for equity, recognizing that equal treatment may not be sufficient to achieve success for all people
  • Identify and remove unjust barriers that limit our realization of an inclusive community

We are fully committed to sustaining an environment where individual differences and identities are recognized as strengths. Harper College is dedicated to supporting our diverse campus and fostering student success as a means of achieving equity in our society and the world.

The creation of a fully inclusive community is an ongoing process. This statement and its implementation at Harper College will continue to evolve alongside our diverse and changing community.

Equity Statement

The core values at Harper College include providing equity in learning, teaching, and working environments for all students, faculty, and staff. While equality involves treating everyone the same way regardless of their starting points and needs, equity is based upon the principles of fairness. Equity acknowledges that everyone has a different starting point and individual needs. It means meeting people where they are and providing them with support and opportunities essential to accomplishing their goals.

Our commitment to equity at Harper involves providing support and access to resources for all members of the college community and finding solutions to remedy academic equity gaps for students. Our institution will identify inequities and remove structural barriers faced by underserved populations. We will adopt practices and support services that promote equitable participation in educational programs and the equal opportunity for everyone to achieve their full potential. We will promote a culture of inclusion, work to bring about social justice, and advance sustainable change to support the success of all members of the Harper College

Last Updated: 12/14/23