Program Overview

This 61 credit-hour program is designed to assist students in a wide variety of business occupations. The curriculum is structured to meet the needs of individuals interested in gaining or improving business knowledge and management skills. The program develops abilities that will help organize, coordinate and evaluate the functions of a unit, department or branch of an organization in either an industrial or administrative management capacity. This degree also provides the fundamental management skills needed by the successful owner-manager of a business.

This degree is shown in a standardized sequential semester option. However, it available as fast track modality, apprenticeships and online options as well. Please contact an advisor to get the most current scheduling. This degree plan is one of seven options that students may pursue to earn the Business Management Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree. While there are multiple specializations, this particular degree can be awarded only once.

Program Requirements


Number Course Title Credits Category
ENG 101 3 AAS General Education

Description: Emphasizes the writing of expository prose. Introduction to the critical reading of nonfiction prose. IAI C1 900

Prerequisite: ENG 100 with a grade of C or better. Other placement options. ENG_Placement_Grid.pdf ESL students need one of the following options: ESL 073 and ESL 074 with grades of B or better; ESL 073 and ESL 086 with grades of B or better; ESL 073 and ESL 099 with grades of B or better; ESL 073 with required writing placement test score; or ESL 074 with required reading placement test score.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

Humanities1 3 AAS General Education
MGT 111 3 Program Requirement

Description: Introduces the nature of business and the environment in which it operates. Forms of business ownership, introduction to operative and facilitating facets of business operation, management, marketing, accounting, statistics, business law, finance, investments, insurance and labor-management relations.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MGT 150 or

Description: Introduces arithmetic as a tool of business. Topics include fractions, decimals and percentages, computations of interest, bank discounts, depreciation, commissions, compound interest, payrolls and taxes and graph and chart design. Students must score satisfactorily on a mathematics placement test prior to registering for this course.

Prerequisite: Placement options. Math_Placement_Grid.pdf

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

Math Competency2 3 AAS General Education
PSY 101 + 3 AAS General Education

Description: Investigates human and animal behavior with emphasis on the scientific nature of contemporary and classic psychological investigation. Emphasizes psychological theories, principles, and research applications. Introduces the divisions of the American Psychological Association. References biological processes, sensation, perception, learning, memory, thinking, emotional life, mental disorders, intelligence, aptitude, personality, development, daily life and everyday problems. IAI S6 900

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021


Number Course Title Credits Category
ACC 101 3 4 Program Requirement

Description: Presents accounting as an information system that produces summary financial statements primarily for users external to a business. Emphasizes the reporting of the effect of transactions and other economic events on the financial condition and operating results of a business. Topics include: basic accounting concepts, financial statements, accrual and cash basis, the accounting cycle, monetary assets, inventories, fixed assets, current and long-term liabilities, and owner’s equity. The course assumes a corporate form of organization. NOTE: High school algebra is recommended. IAI BUS 903

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

CIS 100 or

Description: Provides students with an introduction to computers in society and digital literacy. Includes computer hardware and operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, networking, Internet usage, communication and collaboration, computer safety and ethics. This course is not intended for computer information system majors.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

CIS 101 3 Program Requirement

Description: Provides students with an introduction to computer and information systems used in business environments. Includes computer hardware and operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, database management software, networking and Internet, information systems, programming concepts, and computer security and ethics. IAI BUS 902

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MKT 140 3 Program Requirement

Description: Focuses upon the principal factors of successful selling of goods or ideas. Examines buying motives, sales psychology, customer approach and sales techniques.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MKT 145 3 Program Requirement

Description: Focuses on how to source, identify and evaluate prospective customers and consumers. Identifies the uses various tools and techniques to distinguish and assess likely sources for new customers and convert customers into buyers to beat the competition.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

PSY 245 3 Program Requirement

Description: Investigates organizational behavior. Explores theories, principles, applications and empirically derived findings of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Emphasizes classic and contemporary leadership and motivation theories. Discusses structure and management practices; individual and work group behavior; employee culture and employer culture; and organizational conflict and resolution. Addresses international perspectives.

Prerequisite: PSY 101 or consent of instructor.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021


Number Course Title Credits Category
ACC 102 or

Description: Presents accounting as a system of producing information for internal management use in a business. Emphasis is on the identification, accumulation and interpretation of information for planning, controlling and evaluating the performance of the separate components of a business. Topics include: theory and application of product costing, operational control, cost allocation, performance evaluation for manufacturing and service organizations, standard costing, job order and process costing, budgeting, JIT inventory control, decentralized operations, differential analysis, capital investment analysis and financial statement analysis. IAI BUS 904

Prerequisite: ACC 101 with a grade of C or better.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MGT 165 + 3 Program Requirement

Description: Provides concepts, principles and practices of the international business environment. Includes the nature of international business; international organizations and monetary systems; comparative management techniques, and environmental business factors. Focuses on international organizational functioning to help the student gain a diversity of views.

Prerequisite: ENT 154 or MGT 111

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

ECO 200 + 3 AAS General Education

Description: Covers descriptive rather than a quantitative approach to the study of economics. Major topics cover economic history, the elements of macroeconomics, microeconomics and a comparative look at other economic systems. Specifically designed for students in career-vocational curricula. IAI S3 900

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

ENG 130 or

Description: Teaches formal and psychological aspects of business correspondence. Introduction to various kinds of business letters, memoranda and reports. Improvement of grammar, spelling and word usage.

Prerequisite: ENG 100 with a grade of C or better, or other placement options. ENG_Placement_Grid.pdf

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

SPE 101 4 3 Program Requirement

Description: Theory and practice of oral communications. Development of poise, confidence and skill in speech organization and delivery. Emphasis on frequent speaking, development of standards of criticism and selection and organization of material. IAI C2 900

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MGT 270 3 Program Requirement

Description: Presents the theory and major functions of management and describes the role of the manager. Major concepts in organization are developed along with an understanding of the decision-making process and consideration of the human factor in management.

Prerequisite: ENT 154 or MGT 111

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MKT 242 3 Program Requirement

Description: Emphasizes the principles, components and processes of marketing and sales for creating and sustaining a competitive advantage to consistently beat the competition. Identifies and evaluates how to develop and retain a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing business environment.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021


Number Course Title Credits Category
ACC 211 3 Program Requirement

Description: Presents the history of the source of law, civil and criminal wrongs, law of contracts, agency, employment, property, and related topics. Problems and case materials are used. (NOTE: Transfer students should check with the school they will be transferring to regarding the transferability of this course.)

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MGT 218 3 Program Requirement

Description: Introduces fundamental principles of finance and fiscal management. Students will review financial theories and examine cash-flow projections, asset valuation, capital expenditure and investment opportunities, financial planning, and decision-making processes, and the structure of business markets.

Prerequisite: ACC 101 and either ENT 154 or MGT 111

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MKT 180 3 Program Requirement

Description: Introduces the fundamental skills needed to develop Web-appropriate written content that can be leveraged for strategic marketing purposes on multiple digital platforms. Evaluates platform requirements and explains the nuances of multimedia writing. Presents techniques to identify success metrics, assess and report content performance and make data-driven recommendations. Recommended preparation: ENG 101 or placement options into ENG 101. ENG_Placement_Grid.pdf

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MKT 243 3 Program Requirement

Description: Provides an introduction to social commerce and how to use the major social platforms on a smartphone to market and increase sales. Reviews sales initiatives including programs and alerts to increase sales with targeted customers. Explains the importance of using reward programs in social commerce to increase sales, referrals and customer loyalty.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MKT 245 3 Program Requirement

Description: Focuses on marketing activities that will cover product planning, pricing strategies and promotional efforts including advertising, selling and sales promotions and distribution channel effectiveness.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

1 - PHI 150 (Business Ethics) is recommended.

2 - The mathematics requirement for this degree can be met with Math Competency. See Math Competency options for information. Students who utilize Math Competency to meet the mathematics requirement must complete an additional three credit-hour elective. See full list of AAS General Education Electives.

3 - Students should strongly consider enrolling in ACC 102 as well.

+ - This course meets the World Cultures and Diversity graduation requirement.

4 - If pursuing a fully online degree, choose ENG 130; otherwise choose SPE 101.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate persuasively and concisely, (orally, in writing, and presentation), using the language of business.
  • Evaluate major business functions and related technologies domestically and globally.
  • Explain and use quantitative tools in accounting, finance and economics.
  • Demonstrate soft skills: emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial mindset, leadership and teamwork.
  • Practice social consciousness and responsibility.
  • Explore a business career direction.
  • Analyze financial results from balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.
  • Create a financial plan to achieve company goals
  • Outline a plan to interact with intermediaries to facilitate financial transactions
  • Recognize the differences among financial policies of other countries
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