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Program Overview

This 30 credit-hour certificate program is designed to provide students with the skills to gain marketing, creative and a manufacturing understanding of packaging skills and design materials for the packaging industry. This program covers graphic design, computer graphics, packaging-specific software, marketing and finishing needs and the production skills of good package design to get a product to market.

Program Requirements


Course Number Course Title Credits
GRA 101 Introduction to Graphic Arts Technology 3
GRA 102 Graphic Arts Desktop Publishing 3
GRA 103 Digital Imaging I 3
GRA 112 Digital Illustration I 3
GRA 120 Graphic Design I 3
GRA 213 Packaging, Finishing and Distribution 3
GRA 214 Digital Illustration II 3
GRA 220 Graphic Design II 3
GRA 222 Package Design 3
GRA 230 Prepress Production 3
Last Updated: 1/2/18