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Program Overview

This is a 26 credit-hour certificate program designed for people wanting to upgrade their management skills enabling them to assume more responsible positions. Upon completion of this program, students may also be awarded a Management Development Diploma by the National Restaurant Association. Contact the Hospitality Management coordinator for details.

Program Requirements


Number Course Title Credits
FSM 111 3

Description: Orients students to the hospitality industry, its organizational structure and integration of the modern industry components. Operational considerations are discussed. Career opportunities are explored.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

FSM 113 3

Description: Introduces theory and practice of quantity food serving including practical experience in dining rooms and catering services. Involves set-up, tableside preparation and presentation of food and beverage. Examines various roles of dining room personnel.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

FSM 114 2

Description: Introduces safe food handling practices and discusses the standardized procedures involved in the procurement, storage, preparation, holding, and service of safe food. Prepares students for the State of Illinois-approved Food Service Sanitation Manager’s Certification test.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

FSM 115 3

Description: Studies menu planning theory and principles for various types of food service operations. Examines the relationship of menu planning to the functional areas within food facilities. Menu planning and its importance as a determination of food cost, selling price, and profitability is also emphasized.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

FSM 211 3

Description: Standards and identification of quality meats, dairy products, produce, groceries, frozen foods and supplies. Methods of purchasing, purveyor relations, and proper storage techniques and purchase standards for convenience foods.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

FSM 212 3

Description: Studies the theory and techniques of supervision as related to the hospitality industry.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

FSM 214 3

Description: Provides practical application of operational analysis used by food, lodging and travel-related fields. Use of ledgers, automated information systems and basic financial statements are discussed.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

FSM 215 3

Description: Maximizing employee productivity through various types of food equipment and proper equipment arrangement. Effects of use of convenience foods on equipment planning.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

FSM 230 3

Description: Surveys our legal system as applied to the hospitality industry. Examines contracts, torts and various labor laws pertinent to the industry. Analyzes insurance costs, including fire, accident, worker's compensation and employee liability and their effect on various types of facilities.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

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