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Program Overview

This 17 credit-hour certificate program will provide advanced instruction to the person with select degrees or experience in public safety who wants specialized training. The program focuses on the proper techniques of identifying, collecting, and packaging physical evidence associated with crime scenes and understanding the importance of proper evidence handling. A forensic science technician is responsible for processing evidence at crime scenes, and identifying, collecting, and preserving physical evidence to support law enforcement activities.

Program Requirements


A grade of C or better in all LEJ courses is required for all students.

Number Course Title Credits
LEJ 101 3

Description: Studies the history, role, development, and constitutional aspects of law enforcement and public safety. Review of agencies and functions involved in processes of administration of criminal justice. IAI CRJ 901

Class Schedule:  Summer 2024 | Fall 2024

LEJ 116 3

Description: Introduces student to the use of scientific disciplines in crime investigation. Identifies the variety of sources of evidence and the means by which comparative analysis can be made. Introduces student to probability theory. Develops skills in crime scene technology, fingerprinting, photography and recording.

Class Schedule:  Summer 2024 | Fall 2024

LEJ 217 4

Description: Provides an expanded understanding of the procedures for collection and analysis of physical evidence, concentrating on the evidentiary significance of items commonly found at crime scenes. Includes detailed methods of processing a crime scene; documentation, location and proper collection of evidence; proper handling of evidence; and analytical techniques of interpreting evidence.

Prerequisite: LEJ 116 with a grade of C or better.

Class Schedule:  Summer 2024 | Fall 2024

LEJ 218 4

Description: Focuses on specialized evidence and reconstruction of crime scenes with the use of hands-on training in advanced techniques of identifying, collecting and preserving physical evidence with the use of luminal, biological presumptive tests, trace evidence, arson and explosive evidence.

Prerequisite: LEJ 217 with a grade of C or better.

Class Schedule:  Summer 2024 | Fall 2024

LEJ 295 3

Description: Provides a unique course in crime scene investigation incorporating a combination of lecture and hands-on training utilizing advanced techniques of crime scene analysis and reconstruction. Students will process a crime scene from its initial discovery to the testimony in court.

Prerequisite: LEJ 218 with a grade of C or better.

Class Schedule:  Summer 2024 | Fall 2024

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