Program Overview

This 18 credit-hour certificate program is designed for individuals with career interests in the retail management field. It is especially appropriate for those individuals employed in retailing who are seeking skills and knowledge which may prepare them for career advancement.

The Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration includes a specialized study area for Marketing. Please refer to Business Administration in this section of the catalog if you are interested in pursuing a degree in this discipline.

Program Requirements


Number Course Title Credits
MGT 111 3

Description: Introduces the nature of business and the environment in which it operates. Forms of business ownership, introduction to operative and facilitating facets of business operation, management, marketing, accounting, statistics, business law, finance, investments, insurance and labor-management relations.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MGT 150 3

Description: Introduces arithmetic as a tool of business. Topics include fractions, decimals and percentages, computations of interest, bank discounts, depreciation, commissions, compound interest, payrolls and taxes and graph and chart design. Students must score satisfactorily on a mathematics placement test prior to registering for this course.

Prerequisite: Placement options. Math_Placement_Grid.pdf

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MKT 106 3

Description: Focuses upon the merchandising activities related to hardlines, apparel, and other softline merchandise. Examines the role and qualifications of the buyer and the influence of consumer preference. Includes budgeting by dollars and assortment, pricing strategy, managing assortments, the selection and promotion of merchandise, and the coordinator of merchandising functions and processes.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MKT 140 3

Description: Focuses upon the principal factors of successful selling of goods or ideas. Examines buying motives, sales psychology, customer approach and sales techniques.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MKT 245 3

Description: Focuses on marketing activities that will cover product planning, pricing strategies and promotional efforts including advertising, selling and sales promotions and distribution channel effectiveness.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

Electives: Select three credit hours from the following courses:

Number Course Title Credits
ENT 154 3

Description: Investigates positives and negatives of entrepreneurship and the process of concept to new venture. Analyzes typical venture errors and focuses on strategic management. Evaluates business ownership and franchising, pricing strategies, financing, location selection and human capital management. Discovers personal leadership traits. Assesses the personal entrepreneurial mindset.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

FAS 112 1 3

Description: Presents fashion merchandise through evaluation of fashion products. Develops awareness of construction, as well as workmanship and design elements, such as fabric, color, silhouette and taste.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MGT 205 3

Description: Investigates leadership styles and the influences of leadership styles within organizations from start-ups to global corporations. Explores the empirical science and evidence of leadership styles, motivation, communication, conflict resolution, negotiations, creativity and innovation. Examines leadership styles as they relate to culture, diversity and globalization. Evaluates the performance of successful leaders.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MKT 217 3

Description: Purposes of advertising, how advertisements are prepared and delivered in media, and how effectiveness of advertising is measured and evaluated in relation to the selling and marketing process. IAI MC 912

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

MKT 252 3

Description: Presents techniques on how to design, maintain, and market effective digital storefronts. Focuses on communicating, selling, and providing content to Web-based stores and other Internet businesses.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2021

1 - FAS 112 and the required courses in this certificate can be used towards the Fashion Merchandising AAS degree.

Last Updated: 8/5/21