Harper College

Instructions for Students Requesting Exams with Alternative Testing

Important:  Please complete exam request at least seven (7) business days prior to your test.

  1. Make sure you request your accommodations on AIM prior to making an Exam Request.
  2. Go to My Harper Student Portal and log in.
  3. Click on Academic Success.
    academic success icon
  4. Click Manage Accommodations.
    manage your accommodations choice
  5. Click on Alternative Testing (left-hand side).
    alternative testing choice
  6. Select the class from the drop down menu and click on the button to “Schedule an Exam."
    alternative testing contract
  7. You will see information on the top of the screen about scheduling an Exam Request.exam availability choices
  8. Select the Request Type, Date, Time, and only the accommodations that you will need for this specific exam. exam detail choices
  9. Read the Term(s) and Condition(s) and check all the boxes. terms and conditions
  10. Click on the “Add Exam Request” button.
    add exam request image
  11. You may receive a message that you are submitting a Late Exam Request. Select the “Reason” from the drop down menu.
    late exam request selection
  12. Click on the “Submit Late Exam Request” button.
    submit late exam request image
  13. You will receive a message that states:
    submission status
  14. You will receive an e-mail that your exam request was received by the ADS office I-103.


Last Updated: 12/14/23