New Student Programs

Access and Disability Services is committed to easing the transition from high school to college for new students at Harper. Below are a few programs that are run through our office that offer some extra support to students that are registered within our office:

The ACES Program assists students with their transition from high school to college. ACES students have an Academic Coach (their Access Advocate) who will teach advocacy skills and support them as they pursue their degree or certificate at the College.  

The ACES Program includes:

  • An individualized accommodation plan with approved accommodations.  
  • Advising support from an assigned Academic Advisor.
  • Enrollment in the ACES section of FYS 101 (First Year Seminar) Course. 
  • Check-in meetings with Access Advocate at least three times during the semester.  
  • Monitoring of student’s progress with Starfish, Harper’s early alert tool, to provide additional support/referrals to campus resources.

The College Awareness Program (CAP) is a transition program designed for high school seniors with disabilities.  Its mission is to reach students within the Harper district and inform them of the accommodations and programs available through ADS, and the benefits of attending a local college. The College Awareness Program helps students become familiar with the campus and prepares them for college life. Contact us at ads@harpercollege.edu.

The Transition Autism Program is designed to meet the specific needs of autistic students as they transition from high school to college. TAP promotes academic, career and personal success.  This unique program provides a summer transition workshop, a first semester transition course (FYS 101), peer mentoring, specialized academic support, job readiness workshops, social activities, and a parent support component. 

TAP selects a new cohort of 20 students each Fall semester. To be considered for the TAP Program, applicants must graduate and accept their high school diploma before the Fall start of the program. 

Apply for the Fall 2023 TAP cohort  January 3, 2023 through June 15, 2023.  Spaces are limited.

For more information, please email projecttap@harpercollege.edu.   


Last Updated: 3/10/23