Harper College

Request Your Accommodations

During Covid-19 Pandemic distance learning, be sure to have a conversation with your instructor(s) via email or by phone to discuss the accommodations you request through your AIM portal. The process for requesting your accommodations remains the same.

  • To receive testing accommodations, you need to make your Alternative Testing accommodation request for the semester, and make your test request when you know the date of the exam. Your instructor will receive an email so he can make the time adjustment for the online exam.
  • Your online course may include recorded lectures; your professor may be able to direct you to or offer additional resources; provide copies of PowerPoints, etc., thus you may not need a notetaker.  Check your Blackboard frequently for updates.

You are in control of what accommodations you will use for each class.

In your Harper Student Portal, go to "Manage Your Accommodations" in the Access and Disability Services box, following the guidelines in "Request your approved Accommodations each semester." Then, choose what you will need from your ADS-approved accommodation plan in AIM.

Question about your plan or accommodations? Email ads@harpercollege.edu or your specific Accessibility Specialist or Access Advocate for answers and strategies for success.


Last Updated: 12/14/23