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Graduate Quote Wall

Read what graduation means to the Class of 2023, who they'd like to thank, and what are their next steps. Graduates: Click here to submit your own custom profile.

[I would like to thank] my mom <3 Elisheva A.

My family has always been my biggest supporting group and if it weren’t for their constant encouragement I wouldn’t be where I am today. Nathan H.

Throughout my time at Harper, I did have multiple jobs and family responsibilities. So, I thought I could not get through the two years, but with support, I did. Julia S.

I plan to transfer to North Central College to continue my degree in Finance. Marc A.

I would like to thank my friends and family for their continued support in furthering my education. Tracie M.

I love what I did during the program and I can tell out in the working world I'll love it just as much - if not more. Cathal L.

[My next step is] becoming full time at the best lighting and interior design company in the US. Thais B

Next step for my education is to transfer to a University to get my bachelor's degree in Health and Science. Melissa U.

I am so proud to be a Harper Graduate! Erin K.

My next step is continuing my education in getting a bachelors degree in Health Science and admin. I've completed my first semester at my new University already!! Andrea M.

My next step in life is to continue going to school/university to obtain my bachelor's, which can open up even more opportunities in life. David P.

Graduation means that I was able to overcome difficulties in my journey. Yennifer V.

Graduation means I am one step closer to my goal! Katelyn R.

It means making my mom proud to be a first-generation college graduate in my family. Alexandria B.

I knew I could, so I did. Ulises H.

It is a dream coming true, showing that is never too late to get a degree and set a great example for my daughters to keep aiming high, because the sky is the limit. Emanuela P.

Graduation means everything to me, it means that I am one step closer to my future. Geovany A.

Graduation means I can advance and expand my knowledge at a new institution. Jennifer L.

Graduating is a stepping stone toward my future goals and aspirations. Sebastian L.

Dedication and hard work have paid off. Wissam M.

Means a big accomplishment, I proved myself that everything is possible. Maria R.

The journey was not easy, but every late night of studying, every challenging assignment, and every exam led to this significant day. Kyle S.

Being a first-generation student, graduation means being able to make my parents proud of reaching another accomplishment in my education. Adrianna S.

Graduation means FINALLY not having anymore homework and being able to start my life. Holly H.

Making my family proud and being able to provide a stable life for my future family! Samantha T.

Graduation is the culmination of every class, assignment, final, all-nighter, and mental breakdown you’ve ever had. Kristin D.

I'm half way to completing my career goals. Bhavini P.

Graduation means taking the skills I developed throughout my education and applying it to my career. EJ C.

Graduation to me means, the beginning of my career path. Jacqueline S.

End of an era. Kasia D.

To me, this Graduation means that I have finally rediscovered the fire within myself and the strength to not let anything stand in my way of pursuing my passion in life. Deana K.

Graduation means to me a long-time achievement that started a long time ago. Corey J.

The work doesn't stop, there's always more to attain, and I'm ready. Olanrewaju A.

Graduation means that I archive one more gold in my life. Yulidia G.

Graduation to me means persistence, determination and hard work that proves a big milestone has been achieved for the past few years of school. Priscilla N.

Graduating means everything to me since I am the first in my family to graduate, and I know I have set a positive example for my younger siblings to follow in my footsteps. Nardeen H.

Graduation to me means that I have to set new goals, higher heights and deeper depths. Lorraine C.

This is a long awaiting goal, a new beginning to my journey. Valerie K.

It’s the closing of one part of my life and the start of something more. Spencer C.

It feels like a dream come true, and I am so grateful for this opportunity! Stacy L.

For David, graduation represents the next step taken, a goal fulfilled, and a trial taken. David K.

The graduation represents that I’m going for a good way, that I’m achieving my goal! Devy O.

This graduation means to me that life is always moving forward. Micah O.

Moving onto the next chapter in my life. Tyler S.

Graduating means the end and the beginning of a new adventure. Fatima A.

Graduation is an achievement to me, it means that I put in hard work developing skills and a work ethic, and those skills will help me for the rest of my life. Ian C.

To me, graduation means my hard work and dedication paid off and I am now able to move onto the next phase of my education! Katherine J.

Graduating means I accomplished a goal that is important to me but also my family since I'm a first generation. Karen R.

Graduating at Harper means a step closer to my goal. Julissa M.

Graduation means I’m more than the statistic I was made out to be since birth. Austin M.

Never giving up! Nanette D.

My degree is not just a professional accomplishment that is going to help me in my career, it's personally proving to myself that I was able to do it. Abby D.

Graduation for me, is achieving something that was meant for me, no matter how long it took. Dijzhane M.

[Graduation means] starting a new road to success. Peter A.

It means that I am moving on to a new chapter in life and opening doors for new opportunities. Jessica S.

It means the world to me. It gives me an opportunity to advance my goal of the “American dream” and help my family. Christian M.

Graduation means the real start of life and the journey it will take me. Freedom. Nicholes L.

Graduation is bigger than just a ceremony it’s the joy in knowing that all the homework, sleepless nights, long days, study sessions and missed events have paid off. Keisha H.

Graduation means moving onto the next step in my college career! Can’t wait to move forward onto greater things! Melek A.

It means all the hard work I have put towards my goal has paid off and I can finally move towards the next chapter! Gabriela C.

This is a step forward in the right direction. Jair D.

[Graduation means] getting one step closer to having my career goals achieved. Yasomati F.

Graduating means I never gave up, and I hope to inspire others in my journey. Margaret K.

My next step is to early childhood degree. Nisa M.

This means the world to me! I am the first person in my immediate family to graduate with a degree from any college or university. Jeffrey R.

An accomplishment. Michael P.

Graduation is a significant milestone in my life, marking step one for completion of my formal education and the beginning of a new chapter. Sean S.

A long-awaited milestone! Sylvia A.

Graduation means to me a really good effort and accomplishment. Emily C.

I would like to give a huge thanks to my family for supporting me throughout my journey. Lisa R.

Graduation means opportunity, adventure, and accomplishment. Cole B.

I can start making some money now which is always a good thing! Micki P.

Last Updated: 11/6/23