Harper College

Presentations and Training Offered

Presentations and training sessions are offered to students, student organizations, staff, full-time and adjunct faculty, academic classes on a variety of topics  Presentations can be catered to specific audiences. To schedule a presentation contact the Student Conduct Officer.

Frequently requested topics for each audience includes:

  • Preventing and Responding to Academic Dishonesty
  • Preventing and Responding to Challenging Classroom Behaviors
  • The Odd Things Students Do....and What to Do About It
  • FERPA: Isn't That a 5-Letter Word?
  • Responding to Threatening, Disruptive, and Annoying Behaviors
  • When to Refer to HEAT or Student Conduct
  • Balancing Civility and Academic Freedom
  • Addressing Emergencies in the Classroom
  • Balancing Customer Service and Holding Students Accountable
  • Setting and Maintaining Boundaries
  • Holding Students (and other Employees) Accountable for Behavior
  • FERPA and Documentation
  • When to Contact HEAT, Student Conduct, or the Police
  • Promoting Civility on Campus
  • Addressing Emergencies in the Office
  • Making Good Choices: How to Avoid Getting in Trouble in the First Place
  • Setting Boundaries and Having Difficult Conversations
  • Consent and Sexual Misconduct
  • Intersection of Individual Responsibility and the Privilege of Being Part of a Community
  • What are My Rights?


Last Updated: 12/14/23