Harper College

How to File a Complaint

The College offers a variety of avenues for formal complaint procedures, depending on the nature of the complaint. First, it is important to remember that if a situation can be managed through office management techniques, that is preferable since it enables you give the student timely feedback about their behavior. If the situation is egregious (involves a threat to physical safety or significant disruption that can't be managed), consider one of the following:

  • If the incident requires an immediate response, contact the Harper College Police Department at 847-925-6330. Examples include:
    • A person or student with a weapon
    • A person or student who appears intoxicated or in a similarly altered state of mind
    • An unknown person who is a significant disruption to the campus
    • To report a crime
  • Other concerns can be reported online for review and response by the College. The information will be reviewed and routed to the appropriate College entity: possible threats will be forwarded to HEAT and all other incidents of student behavior will be reviewed by the Student Conduct Officer. Examples of incidents to report include:
    • A person who jokes about bombing the College or shooting someone
    • A student who is not complying with your clearly communicated instructions
    • Harassment or aggressive behavior
    • Students who engage in theft, disruption, or other policy violations
    • Students who engage in sexual misconduct

Review the Tips for Documenting Incidents for more information. It is most helpful for reports to be made in first-person and in a timely fashion. Feel free to consult with your supervisor, but please keep in mind that the timeliness of the report may be critical to investigation and/or resolution of the issue.

Last Updated: 12/14/23