Harper College

Your Procedural Protections

As a student, you are entitled to the procedural protections as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, the College Handbook, and other applicable College policies. Some of those protections include:

  • The option to file complaints about misconduct towards you
  • The opportunity to have your perspective be heard
  • The option to have a support person/advisor with you during hearings/meetings
  • The opportunity to review and respond to a complaint against you
  • The privacy and access that applies your student conduct record under FERPA
  • Opportunities to appeal case outcomes through designated means

At the same time, the College may also take action to protect the campus community, such as if it appears you may constitute a possible threat to others or a significant disruption to the operations of the College. In some cases, this means you may not be able to attend classes or may be restricted from accessing the campus until your hearing occurs.

Review the Student Code of Conduct to learn more about your protections in the student conduct process.

Last Updated: 12/14/23