Harper College

Sexual Assault and Harassment Prevention

Harper College is committed to creating a safe and secure campus environment that is free from acts of intimidation or the fear of falling victim to a sexual assault or hate violence. The following offices contribute greatly toward this effort:

  • Harper College Police Department: 847.925.6330
  • NCH Outpatient Care Center at Harper College: 847.618.0121

Sexual Assault Safety Procedures

Persons who believe they have been sexually assaulted or who have been the victim of any kind of sexual offense should immediately report the incident to the Harper College Police Department by dialing 6211 on campus . The following is strongly suggested.

  1. Get to a safe place.
  2. Call the police by dialing 911 from a campus telephone.
  3. If you are not sure what to do, call the Rape Crisis Hotline at 888.272.1767. The advocate will provide you with options and you will not have to give your name.
  4. You can also call NCH Outpatient Care Center at Harper College at 847.618.0121.
  5. If you are not sure about reporting the attack, but you might want to later, you are encouraged to immediately file a police report in order to obtain a medical evidentiary examination. You always maintain the right to change your mind and not to pursue a criminal complaint.
  6. Do not eat, drink, wash, shower, go to the bathroom, douche or clean up. As difficult as this is, your body is a receptor of physical evidence that needs to be properly collected.
  7. If you do not wish to make a report to the police, you are still encouraged to seek professional medical advice. It is important not to forget the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases and/or pregnancy. Note: All health care providers are legally required to report to the police all cases of suspected sexual or physical assault.

Physical Evidence

The preservation of criminal evidence is essential and time sensitive to the successful prosecution of most sex offenses. Harper College Police Department personnel have been trained in the proper identification, collection and preservation of such evidence. Considering the time sensitive nature regarding the collection of such evidence, it is essential that the police department be contacted as soon as possible.

Staff members from the Harper College Health and Psychological Services are available to assist students who have fallen victim to a sex offense from the initial report to the final resolution of the case.

Administrative/Judicial Considerations

Students may also contact their College Dean, Student Safety Awareness, Sexual Assault Resource Center or any Campus Police Authority for information and assistance regarding the filing of a criminal complaint and/or confidential report. To initiate a complaint under the Harper College Student Conduct Code, persons should contact the Student Affairs Office.

Note: Any Harper College student or employee who is suspected of sexual misconduct is subject to both criminal prosecution and disciplinary action under campus policies and regulations. Campus disciplinary action can be initiated even if criminal charges are not pursued.

A Harper College student accused of sexual misconduct is subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Harper College Student Conduct Code. The accuser and the accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during a campus disciplinary proceeding, and both shall be informed of the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceeding brought forth alleging a sex offense. Student sexual assault victims also have the option of changing their academic choices after an alleged sexual assault, if such changes are reasonably available.

A Harper College employee accused of sexual misconduct is subject to the applicable provisions and disciplinary action in accordance with Harper College Policies and Procedures. Sanctions for sexual misconduct include, but are not limited to, warning(s), censure, demotion, suspension, or termination of employment.

Last Updated: 12/14/23