Community Service Opportunities

Looking to give back to your community?

Here is your chance to volunteer! The following opportunities are available to Harper College Harper Promise students looking for hours to fulfill scholarship requirements, or just looking to give back. Once you have completed your hours, be sure to log them in the MyHarper Portal Promise Tracker. A walkthrough of how to enter your service hours can be viewed in the video below.  Hours are due the Friday before Finals week each semester. 

If you are in high school, please contact your high school student services department in regards to opportunities available for you to complete your hours. 

Listing of Harper service opportunities for students

Please click through to find opportunities available at Harper College assisting with Harper offices and events. Please note, you are not limited to these opportunities.

  • Contact person: Anita Rehberg at or 847.925.6891
  • Date of service: August 1, 2022 - May 19, 2023
  • Location of Service: Harper College
  • Description of opportunity: Volunteers will have an opportunity to mentor first-year Harper College Students in the Transition Autism Program (TAP).  TAP Mentors have an opportunity to develop and maintain relationships with and provide assistance - focusing on a smooth transition, acclimation, and a sense of belonging. 
  • Sign up information: Click here to apply to serve as TAP Mentor
  • Contact person: Andrea Fiebig, 847-925-6371
  • Date of service: Multiple times throughout the term
  • Description of opportunity: Assistance to help students upload their COVID test results and photo for Harper student ID at LCC in Prospect Heights.

    Mondays-Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays 9:00-11:00am

    Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays 6:00-8:00pm
  • Sign up information: Please email Andrea directly at 
  • Contact person: Kathleen Reynolds   
  • Date of service: Ongoing throughout the semester
  • Description of opportunity:  Students will be matched with ESL students at Harper or at our partners abroad to practice speaking English. You will need to meet virtually OR in person with your partner at least 30 minutes per week throughout the semester. If you are interested in other countries and cultures, or if you like teaching or talking, this is a great opportunity!
  • Sign up information: Sign up for Conversation Circles here
  • Contact person: Jeff Moy -   
  • Date of service: Ongoing throughout the semester
  • Description of opportunity:  Help the MakerSpace with the 3D Printing Toys for Tots drive.
    Volunteers are needed to lead the project, help with logistics, communications, and a variety of other items. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in whatever field you are majoring in!
  • Sign up information: Email Jeff at To learn more about the MakerSpace on Harper's Campus, click here.

Listing of external service opportunities for students

The following organizations have requested volunteers for their organization or event. These opportunities are not affiliated with Harper College, but can count toward your Harper Promise service hours.

  • Contact person: Andrea Rodriguez 224-209-0354
  • Date of service: Multiple available, beginning June 1
  • Location of Service: Guardian Hospice
  • Description of opportunity:
    Volunteers will be visiting Hospice patients at Nursing Home or Assisted Living to provide patient with companionship. Most volunteers play music, play games, read a story, sit outside with patient or whatever brings patient comfort.
    Office help is also available for those uncomfortable with entering a facility.
    Helping Bereavement coordinator with phone calls or letters.
  • Sign up information: Please call 224-209-0354 if interested to discuss
  • Contact person: Donna Adam -
  • Date of service: Ongoing throughout the semester
  • Description of opportunity:Clean Up – Give Back facilitates trash cleanup campaigns that are helpful to the community and the environment. We establish chapters for on-going cleanup. We operate a national “Flexible Service Programs” that allows individuals to earn service hours for work, school or court.
  • Sign up information: For more information and to sign up, Click Here
  • Contact person: Sara Vasilev - 847-777-8888
  • Date of service: Ongoing throughout the semester
  • Location of Service: LifeChoice Hospice  and Palliative Care - Wheeling
  • Description of opportunity: Hospice volunteers have the opportunity to meet and work with local hospice patients. Patients are visited at their family home or nursing home. Volunteers can work with patients to provide companionship, play music for them or assist them with writing cards to family and friends. There are many different activities a hospice volunteer can participate in. For volunteers who may not feel comfortable working directly with hospice patients yet, you can assist hospice staff with administrative tasks in our office in Wheeling.
  • Sign up information: Click here to sign up
  • Contact person: Anastasia Malhotra 847-963-9163
  • Date of service: Ongoing
  • Location of Service: Journeys the Road Home
  • Description of opportunity: Clothing Closet is available weekly for volunteer hours. We offer clothing to our clients from our closet with donations we receive daily. Your role would be to help organize the closet. Shifts are Monday-Friday either 8:30-11:00 am or 12:30-2:30pm.

    Food Pantry is available weekly for volunteer hours. We offer food from our pantry to our clients and people in need with donations we receive. Your role would be to help organize the pantry by date of food expiring, bag food requests from clients, and to put new donations away. Shifts are Monday-Friday either 8:30-11:00am or 12:30-2:30pm.

    PADS overnight shelters are available for volunteer hours. We host through various church networks a few different sites that people experiencing homeless can come stay, get a meal, and rest overnight weekly. Each night has various shifts started around 5pm all through 7am the next morning. If you are a night person who wants to help your community this is a great option for you
  • Sign up information: Click here to find opportunities
  • Contact person: Amy Diaz - 847-392-2848
  • Date of service: Ongoing throughout the semester
  • Location of Service: Northwest Suburban Recreation Association
  • Description of opportunity: At NWSRA, children and adults with disabilities make friends, have fun, be included, go new places, learn new things, and celebrate their lives! Formed in 1974 to provide recreation services to individuals with disabilities, NWSRA is an extension of 17 member park districts within the northwest suburbs of Chicago. NWSRA is the largest of all special recreation associations and is a leader among peers with over 14,000 program registrations in more than 2,000 programs annually.

    We are always seeking volunteers to assist in our therapeutic recreation programs. These programs range from sports, fitness, arts, crafts, music, and general leisure. During your volunteer interview, you will discuss what type of programs interest you the most! We want to make this a great experience for you as well.

    Volunteers must be 14 years of age or older. The Volunteer Coordinator will contact you as soon as possible through e-mail to confirm that you have been accepted to the volunteer team and that you have been placed in your preferred program. Volunteer applications are processed once per week, please allow at least 5 business days for your application to be processed. 
  • Sign up information: Apply here
  • Contact person: Katie Evans -  
  • Date of service: Ongoing throughout the year
  • Description of opportunity: Volunteers have the opportunity to help shelters animals by walking dogs, playing with cats, or helping with special events & photography. Volunteers are needed during the day on weekdays and Saturdays.

    All volunteer opportunities will take place at the McHenry County Animal Control building, at 100 N. Virginia Street in Crystal Lake
  • Sign up information: For more information and to sign up, click here
  • Contact person:
  • Date of service: Ongoing throughout the year
  • Description of opportunity: This volunteer opportunity is to take care of our no-kill, cage-free kitties and the shelter. You may tidy the cat and kitten areas, feed and water them, clean litter boxes, and generally make sure all the areas are clean.

    You may sign up for a standard, weekly schedule or just grab shifts as it fits your schedule. If you are interested, please go to the website, click "Volunteer" and then click "Volunteer Application" . We will then reach out and provide you an online signup link for a quick and simple signup experience.

    Available Days / Hours:
    Weekdays - 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Weekends (Sat and Sun) - 9:00 am-noon
  • Sign up information: For more information and to sign up, click here
  • Contact person: Barb Weber - 
  • Date of service: Ongoing throughout the semester
  • Description of opportunity:  Animal rescue organization - volunteer duties include
    Cleaning the Rooms
    Washing litter boxes  
  • Sign up information: For more information and to sign up, click here
  • Contact person: Halie Reyes  
  • Date of service: Ongoing throughout the semester
  • Description of opportunity: The Once & Again Resale Shop is looking for volunteers to assist with sorting, pricing, and organizing donations. Profits go to supporting the Frisbie Senior Center's mission of providing support to older adults. Hours are Tues-Sat 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, however shifts can be adjusted to the volunteer's schedule
  • Sign up information: For more information and to sign up, email Halie at 
If these opportunities do not work with your schedule, you can view a list of local volunteer organizations here. These organizations often need volunteers on an ongoing basis. An additional source of volunteer opportunities throughout the northwest suburbs can be found here. Finally, this site provides online options for students looking to get community service hours. 

In need of volunteers?

Are you in need of volunteers for a project or event you are hosting this semester? Promise Scholars can be a great resource.




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