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Seniors in High School

Senior Year Checklist Printable PDF

Congratulations on maintaining your Promise eligibility to your Senior year! You have almost completed all of the requirements to begin your first semester at Harper College tuition free.

To keep your Promise eligibility, there are certain Harper requirements that students must meet deadlines on. Below is a timeline for current Senior Promise Scholars:

  • August 15 - September 15 - This step will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
    • As a Promise Scholar, you will receive a Fee Waiver code to waive the $25 application fee once you complete the Continuation Agreement.
  • September1 - December 15 – Complete your Harper Admissions Application
  • December - May 15th – Complete your FAFSA application
    • You must add Harper College to your FAFSA application using the school code 003961
  • After first semester of Senior Year – Submit your 7th semester high school transcript (Optional, but highly recommended)
    • Submitting your 7th semester transcript may satisfy the College Ready requirement. Unofficial transcripts are accepted and can be sent to processing@harpercollege.edu, as long as the transcript shows your full name. Be sure to include your Hnumber in the email you send.
    • If your SAT scores are not on your high school transcript, head to CollegeBoard and log in to download a full score report. Save the report and email it to processing@harpercollege.edu and include your Hnumber.
  • February 1 - May 1 - Complete your Admissions Application Review and set up your Harper Student Email Account
    • Schedule your Application Review through admissions by contacting 847-925-6700
    • All Promise communications will be sent to your Harper Email Account and the account you applied to Harper from December 15th on
    • Learn how to forward your email to a personal account
  • March 1 -May 15 – View the Promise Preview Session
    • The Promise Preview Session will inform students of how to maintain their Promise eligibility throughout Harper College to earn up to two years of tuition.
    • Students will be sent invitations to the Promise Preview Session after they have submitted the FAFSA form. If you have not yet received an invitation and have submitted the FAFSA, please contact hpromise@harpercollege.edu
    • The Preview Session will be offered in person or online. 
      Sign up for In-Person Here
      Complete the Online Version Here 
  • May 1 – July 31 – Attend New Student Orientation
    • After you have proven College Ready (see the July 15th deadline below), you are able to register for New Student Orientation through your MyHarper Portal.
  • Mid June – Submit an appeal for extraordinary circumstances
    • If you failed to meet any Promise Criteria, you will receive an email with directions on how you can submit an appeal for extraordinary circumstances.
    • Deadline to submit will be provided in the Promise Preview Session.
  • July 15 – Prove College Ready
    • See all the ways to prove College Ready
    • Submit appropriate documentation proving your readiness. This may include a high school transcript (7th semester or later), copy of SAT or ACT scores, other College transcripts if you have earned credit from another institution, or AP scores.
    • You can always check your MyHarper Portal to see if you have completed this step. 
  • July 15 – Submit your final High School Transcript and any AP scores or other college credits.
  • July 31 Register for 15 credit hours 
  • By August 15 - Complete the Financial Aid Process
    • Log into your MyHarper Portal and click on the Finances button to access your Financial Aid Checklist. All steps must be completed.
    • Email reminders about missing requirements will be sent to your Harper email account.
  • Mid-August - Start courses at Harper!

*Timeline valid for the high school class of 2024


Sean Warren-Crouch
Harper Promise Scholarship Manager


Last Updated: 3/13/24