Promise Program Status Update

As of November 2017 

In fall 2015, the first public high school freshmen (Class of 2019) were given the opportunity to sign up for the Harper Promise Scholarship Program. Currently there are two cohorts signed up for Promise – the Class of 2019 and the Class of 2020.

Beginning second semester of their freshmen year, Promise scholars were tracked on the criteria of attendance, rigor/quality, persistence and community service. Tracking of student eligibility will continue through high school and upon enrollment at Harper College. Below is a breakdown by cohort of the students who remain eligible. Information is also provided about initial enrollment in the program.

Students Who Remain Eligible

Class of 2019

Freshman sign up 4,607 (65%) of total freshman class (enrolled/total class)
Sophomores continuing 2,576 (36%) of total class continuing on (continuing/total class)
Juniors continuing 2,000 (28%) of total class continuing on (continuing/total class)

Class of 2020

Freshman class sign up 5,558 (83%) of total freshman class (enrolled/total class)
Sophomores continuing 2,852 (43%) of total freshman class continuing on (continuing/total class)  

Initial Enrollment

  D211 D214 D220 D155 Total
Total class population
Class of 2019 enrollment 2,019
(64% of district) 
(68% of district)
(57% of district)
(29% of district)
(65% of total class population)
Class of 2020 enrollment 2,202
(74% of district)
(92% of district)
(83% of district)

(32% of district)

(83% of total class population)