Faculty Resources

Upcoming Opportunities

  • Thursday, July 22, 2021 11:00am Central Time
    • CCID & Vertebral- Technical Education in Chile and North America: Adaptations to the Global Pandemic
      • The first in a series of webinars to discuss how international partnerships can enchance the student experience in technical and workforce education and connect our students to others around the world to develop 21st century workplace skills. 
    • Register for the free webinar here
  • November 5&6, 2021  8:30-2:45 Central Time
    • Midwest Institute for International/Intercultural Education (MIIIE) Virtual Conference

Ongoing Opportunities

  • IREX Global Solutions Conversations
    • This program brings together groups of students from the US, Jordan and Iraq through a five-week experience consisting of five binational calls. During the calls, students will practice cross cultural communication and learn about each other's culture as they engage in a series of conversations to practice the process of design thinking in order to discuss global issues in their community. 

If you are looking for a light touch, low effort cross cultural virtual exchange experience for your students, this program is for you! The Conversations experience will be weekly during the month of March 2021 and consists of:

      • Five Zoom Calls. There are only five binational calls, with minimal work required outside of the calls.
      • Binational Groups. Instead of a binational team, students connect in groups from the US, Iraq and Jordan.
      • Only Zoom. Zoom is the only platform needed to facilitate this experience.

Click here for more information

For program information and registration information, contact internationaled@harpercollege.edu

Classroom Resources

  • Intercultural Ireland Free Modules

 Intercultural Ireland is offering a wide variety of online modules on a wide variety of courses including history, literature, theatre, art, social justice, global studies, environmental science, and more! Learn more.

  • Brown University's Choices Program has some timely materials for community college classes.

Free materials include “Teaching with the News" lessons and additional low cost materials from their catalog.

  • The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art (Washington, D.C.) has online resources for educators and exhibits that you can use in your classroom
  • Free registration with University of Pittsburgh's Asian Studies Center gives you access to online modules and other resources.
  • The Arab Studies Institute has a "Learn & Teach: Syria" page with a lot of resources on the ongoing Syrian conflict.
  • TeachMideast has great resources for students and faculty, including “Week in Review” news updates, country profiles, and multimedia tools on major topics and themes. 

Create a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program

Leading a group of students abroad is an extremely rewarding experience!

Just a few reasons to lead a program:

  • Great professional development experience
  • Further your intercultural competence
  • Help cultivate students' academic and intercultural development

Completing a proposal is an important step in developing a new faculty-led program.

The following information is designed to help faculty outline the critical details of their new program. This in turn helps to ensure that the program is shaped with the needs of students in mind and that all important details have been gathered and considered. 

The Office of International Education is here to help throughout the entire process so do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Faculty Proposal Submission Process 

  1. Faculty schedule a meeting with the Director of International Education to discuss proposal. This meeting should be scheduled at least 14-18 months prior to the anticipated course departure date.
  2. Faculty read the Faculty Education Abroad Handbook.
  3. Prior to completing the Faculty-led Proposal and associated forms, faculty must consult with their chair/coordinator and dean about their proposal. These individuals may have insights useful to the preparing the Proposal. (This step is separate from step 6 below.)
  4. Complete the Faculty-led Proposal and all supplemental forms (see below for full list).
  5. Meet with appropriate Department Chair or Program Coordinator for Proposal approval and signature.
  6. Meet with appropriate Division Dean for Proposal approval and signature.
  7. Meet with the Director of International Education and/or Faculty Study Abroad coordinator for submission of all application materials. The final program proposal for a spring or summer offering is due to the Director no later than the first Friday of March of the year before the program is expected to be offered. For programs that will be offered during the winter intersession (January), the final program proposal is due to the Director no later than first Friday of February of the year before the program is expected to be offered.
  8. The Study Abroad Proposal Review committee reviews all proposals using the Study Abroad Proposal rubric. The Review committee may recommend changes. Once the proposal is approved by the Review committee, it will be submitted to the Associate Provost for provisional approval. All approvals are provisional until the signature page has been signed by both the Provost and the President of Harper College. On occasion, an additional meeting between the Director, faculty leader, and Associate Provost may be necessary for final approval.
  9. Only after the Associate Provost has approved the program can outreach and recruitment for programs begin. Ideally, a marketing and recruitment plan can be created during the summer session, and recruitment can begin in earnest in August and September. Note: New programs cannot be advertised or marketed to students before final approval by the Office of International Education and the Associate Provost.
  10. The Director will work with deans to get approved courses on the appropriate semester schedule.

    Process and responsibilities:

Recruitment and marketing

Faculty, Director, OIE Program Assistant


Faculty, OIE Program Assistant, Director

Classes on schedule

Director with Dean/Program Coordinator


OIE Program Assistant, Faculty, Director

Student application, essay, payments, paperwork

Student, OIE Program Assistant, Faculty, Director, Business Office


  1. Faculty will be required to participate in a Faculty Leader Education Abroad Training.
  2. Prior to departure, faculty must complete and submit Faculty Leader Information Packet. N.B. Faculty may be required to submit a Medical release form.
  3. Within two weeks of return from overseas, faculty must schedule a Debrief Meeting with students. At this meeting, ISP staff will administer a Student Evaluation survey.

Forms and worksheets:

  • Faculty-led Proposal form
  • Counselor handout
  • Vendor Information sheet
  • Budget worksheet
  • Faculty-led Study Abroad Proposal Review Rubric