Study Abroad

International experience, cross-cultural communication skills, global awareness, and foreign language skills are becoming increasingly important in all areas of work and study, and your study abroad experience will prepare you for future challenges that will require this knowledge and experience.

Studying abroad through Harper College is an exciting way to gain course credit, while developing skills and traits that will give you an advantage after you transfer and throughout your career.

Types of Programs

All types of programs are credit-bearing and financial aid eligible.

Faculty-Led Programs 

These programs are a Harper course(s) with a built-in international travel component. They range from one to three weeks and are taken over summer, spring break, or winter breaks. Course offerings vary from year to year.

2019-2020 PROGRAMS

Panama Program
Courses: Biology 103, Geography 150, and/or English 102
Spring 2019 course, with travel to Panama during Spring Break

Honors Cuba Program*
Course: Geography 103
Spring 2019 course, with travel to Cuba during Spring Break
*Must be in Honors Program to participate. Email with any questions.

Guatemala Program
Course: Nursing 280
Offered in Fall and Spring. Fall travel is during December and Spring travel is during Spring Break.

Past Programs: ENG 102 (Nicaragua), BIO 150 (Costa Rica), SOC 205 (London), HUM 115 (Istanbul/Athens), ART 105 (Venice), HUM 107 (Uganda)

ICISP Consortium Programs

Harper is a founding member of ICISP (Illinois Consortium of International Studies and Programs). Tuition and fees for these programs are at the Harper in-district rate. Summer and Semester options available. For more information, please visit the ICISP website.

Program Locations: Canterbury (England), Seville (Spain), Carlow (Ireland), Salzburg (Austria), San Jose (Costa Rica), Dijon (France)

Affiliate Programs + International Internships

These are programs offered through Harper College's accredited study abroad affiliates. Our affiliate partners offer programs varying in length (a few weeks, a month, a whole summer, a semester, and/or a full academic year), varying locations (over 30 countries!), and offer courses in almost every area of study.

Our affiliates also offer a variety of internships in many different fields!

Popular Locations: Japan, Italy, Ireland, South Korea, Peru, Spain, Australia, England, and Thailand

Our study abroad affiliates are KEI Abroad, Barcelona SAE, CISabroad, College Consortium of International Studies, and ISA. Note: If you are interested in applying for an affiliate program, you still have to complete Harper's study abroad application as well.

Applying for a Program

If you are interested in studying abroad, please create a Traveler Account through our online application system:

Harper Study Abroad application system

For any questions, please email

Story Maps Journals

Many of our faculty-led study abroad courses include a Geographic Information Systems component. Check out some interesting student ArcGIS Story Map Journals about a recent program to Nicaragua: