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Harper College

Learning Communities Fall 2024

Alphabet of Achievement: The ABCs of College Success and Public Speaking

cover of the book Life is a Garden to Cultivate by Pascuala Herrera

Have you ever wondered: a) Why am I in college? b) What do I need to do to be successful? and c) How am I going to get through Speech 101?  
If so, we got the answers for you!  Using Pascuala Hererra's book "Life is a Garden to Cultivate," Instructors Cushing and Bilos will help you acclimate to Harper, walk you through college success strategies, and fulfill your Speech 101 requirement by learning to give powerful presentations.  
You will: a) have a great time, b) learn so much, and c) become a more motivated, confident, and successful student!


SPE101-0L2, CRN 36232 {Fundamentals of Speech Communication}       (3)credits

Instructor: Margaret Bilos       Tuesday/Thursday  11:00am-12:15pm

FYS101-0L2, CRN 36189  {First Year Seminar}                       (3)credits 

Instructor: Kristin Cushing       Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-am-10:45am

* You must register for both classes at the same time

Authors and Artists

black and white photo of two boxers in trunks and gloves with arms crossed

Immerse yourself in the analysis and theories of art as we travel from 1920s Paris to 1930s Mexico City, to 1980s New York reading about the fascinating lives of those who changed the art world. See for yourself the transformative power of visual representation as we dare to examine what it means to create. Grapple with how artists and art are portrayed in literature and how to examine your own ideas of art through academic discourse. This class is an exploration of the creation and interpretation of visual art through writing and personal engagement.


ART105-0L3, CRN 35019 {Introduction to Visual Art}       (3)credits

Instructor: Stephany Rimland  Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-pm-1:45pm

ENG102-0L3, CRN 31173  {Composition II}                       (3)credits 

Instructor: Kurt Hemmer        Tuesday/Thursday  11:00am-12:15pm

* You must register for both classes at the same time

Critical Quantitative Literacy

man writing math equations on white board

This course combines a math course intended for liberal arts students with a critical thinking class that satisfies a humanities general education requirement. Students will develop skills of critical reasoning in both mathematical and natural language contexts. Topics covered include financial literacy, understanding and evaluating statistical arguments, modeling real world phenomena, and logic. The course will encourage students to take an interdisciplinary approach to solving real world, practical problems and to practice productively listening to and disagreeing with one another about important issues.


PHI101-0L1, CRN 31154 {Critical Thinking}       (3)credits

Instructor: Rebecca Scott  Tuesday/Thursday 11:00-am-12:15pm

MTH101-0L1, CRN 35915  {Quantitative Literacy}          (4)credits 

Instructor: Karega Cooper        Monday 10:00am-10:50am, Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am-10:45am

MTH081-0L1, CRN 35914  {Supplemetal Math/Quantitative Literacy}        (1)credit 

Instructor: Karega Cooper        Wednesday 10:00am-10:50am

* You must register for all three classes at the same time

Empowering Voices: English, College Success, and Digital Storytelling

woman standing in front of a screen presentingEmbark on a transformative journey in this learning community where English connects with essential college success skills.  This course incorporates the art of digital storytelling, offering you a creative platform to express yourself authentically while honing critical thinking and communication skills. Faculty create connected assignments and create a sense of community to provide support and increase overall student success.


ENG101-BL2, CRN 35269 {Composition I}       (3)credits

Instructor: Ana Contreras  Tuesday 12:30-pm-1:45pm

FYS101-BL2, CRN 34493  {First Year Seminar}                       (3)credits 

Instructor: Stephanie Whalen        Tuesday  2:00pm-3:15pm

* You must register for both classes at the same time

Forensic Notes: Reading, Rhetoric, and Report Writing in Criminal Justice

photo of a detective looking through a magnifying glassResearch has shown police training academies do not provide adequate training in writing skills and that community policing, use of force, and problem-solving training have flooded the curriculum to such an extent there is no room for writing skills training beyond the basics. This integrated class will offer Law Enforcement majors clear, concise writing instruction in composing investigative reports, search warrants, press releases, and internal memos and other communications integral to the law enforcement profession. This Learning Community is designed for LEJ majors who are required to enroll in LEJ 101 and ENG 101.


LEJ101-0L9, CRN 30581 {Introduction to Criminal Justice}       (3)credits

Instructor: Heidi Onion          Monday/Wednesday 11:00-am-12:15pm

ENG101-0L9, CRN 36140  {Composition I}                       (3)credits 

Instructor: Paul Peterson        Monday  2:00pm-4:40pm

* You must register for both classes at the same time

Forging an Unlikely Bond

two women discussing chemistryToo often, Chemistry and English are viewed as completely different fields of study.  But these linked classes explore the critical importance of effectively communicating scientific findings.  For instance, while studying the conditions that impact the global carbon cycle in CHM121, ENG101 will task students with analyzing the propaganda distributed by climate change denialists and then discuss why scientists need to develop writing and marketing skills to combat misinformation.  This Learning Community is designed for STEM majors who are required to take both CHM121 and ENG101. 


CHM121-0L1, CRN 34143 {General Chemistry I}           (5)credits 

Instructor: Karen Dailey  Tuesday/Thursday 11:00am-12:15pm, Tuesday 12:30pm-3:15pm, Thursday 12:30pm-1:20pm

ENG101-0L1, CRN 36280 {Composition I}    (3)credits

 Instructor: Meg King         Tuesday/Thursday  9:30am-10:45am

* You must register for both classes at the same time

Intercultural Dialogue and Exchange

three students sitting on a bench Are you the type of person who likes to meet new people from all over the world? Join this Learning Community to connect with students overseas and discuss issues relevant to our global society. You will gain college writing, communication, and study skills that you’ll need to succeed in school and your future career. In these classes, you will practice self-reflection and intercultural communication.

ENG101-0L8, CRN 34489 {Composition I}           (3)credits 

Instructor: Richard Johnson  Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am-10:45am

FYS101-0L8, CRN 35941 {First Year Seminar}    (3)credits

 Instructor: Kimberly Jaeger         Tuesday/Thursday  11:00am-12:15pm

* You must register for both classes at the same time

Mind Matters: Exploring the Psychology of College Success

student meditating with book balanced on head

This enriching Learning Community pairs Psychology with First Year Seminar, both suggested courses in your first semester as a student. Dive into the topics of relaxation, learning and memory, and self-development, all while forging meaningful connections and developing successful learning strategies. Co-taught by two dedicated faculty, this collaborative teaching approach fosters a sense of community to provide support and encourage student success in all their classes.


PSY101-0L7, CRN 33875 {Introduction to Psychology}       (3)credits

Instructor: Elayne Thompson  Monday/Wednesday 11:00-am-12:15pm

FYS101-0L7, CRN 34319  {First Year Seminar}                       (3)credits 

Instructor: Brianne Mangione        Monday/Wednesday  12:30pm-1:45pm

* You must register for both classes at the same time

Rock & Roll

rockstar singing on stage

The Rock and Roll course examines the history of a genre whose enormous impact on popular culture can still be seen today. As we trace its influence, we will explore the connections between rock lyrics and poetry, examining common themes and conversations across these mediums. The course gives you the opportunity to fulfill General Education requirements while simultaneously analyzing some of the most dynamic art forms of our time.



LIT105-0L6, CRN 36137 {Poetry}       (3)credits

Instructor: Maggie McKinley    Monday/Wednesday 12:30-pm-1:45pm

ENG102-0L3, CRN 33495  {Composition II}         (3)credits 

Instructor: Kurt Hemmer          Monday/Wednesday  11:00am-12:15pm

* You must register for both classes at the same time

To learn more about Learning Communities, speak to your academic advisor or contact the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs.

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