Social Justice Studies Course Sections

All Harper students are encouraged to enroll in Social Justice Studies course sections and to participate in SJS programming at Harper. Each semester, a cluster of special Social Justice Studies course sections will be offered. These courses are specially designed to engage students in an ongoing dialogue about the meaning of social justice and in an exploration of the most compassionate, equitable, and inclusive practices and strategies for achieving more just societies. The content of these courses provides opportunities for students to explore how their individual identities, cultural backgrounds, and chosen disciplines situate them in relation to systems of power and privilege. Enrollment in these courses will also offer students an opportunity to form meaningful relationships with instructors and fellow students who share their desire to co-create a more just and sustainable future.

Social Justice Studies course sections will be designated in the course schedule by an “SJ” course number notation and a specialized title. Example: “ENG101-SJ1: Composition – Social Justice.” 

To register for SJS course sections, students will have to request permission from the SJS Coordinator:
Michael Bentley
(847) 925-6271

Required Courses

9 out of the 12 required credit hours must come from the following required social justice course sections:

  • ENG101 - Composition - Social Justice* or 
    ENG102 - Composition - Social Justice
  • DIV101- Exploring Diversity in the US - Social Justice 
  • SOC101 - Intro to Sociology - Social Justice* or
    ANT101 - Intro to Anthropology - Social Justice  

*Coming Fall 2022

Required social justice course sections offered in Spring 2022 

  • Instructor: Ranjani Murali
  • Modality: Online Synchronous (16 weeks)
  • Meeting time: Tu, 11am-12:15pm
  • Instructor: LaVonya Williams
  • Modality: Online Asynchronous (16 weeks)
  • Instructor: Tiffany Jones
  • Modality: face-to-face
  • Meeting Time/Place: Thu, 11:00am-1:45pm, J165b (1st 8 weeks)



The additional 3 required credit hours can be chosen from the following social justice course sections, based on availability:

  • ANT202-SJB - Cultural Anthropology - Social Justice | CRN: 62959
    • Instructor: Tiffany Jones
    • Modality: face-to-face
    • Meeting Time/Place: Thu, 11:00am-1:45pm, J165b (2nd 8 weeks)

(More social justice elective course sections will be available Summer and Fall 2022.)

Last Updated: 11/8/21