Social Justice Studies Scholars are supported through coursework, proposal, and capstone activities by the SJS Coordinator, faculty mentor, advisors and counselors.


A faculty mentor will be assigned upon enrollment in a second SJS course section. SJS mentors will guide SJS scholars through completion of the distinction, including coursework and capstone proposal. Mentors are also an excellent source for social justice career guidance.


SJS scholars will continue to work with their respective AOI Academic Advisors in collaboration with their faculty mentor. However, advisors and students may contact the special Social Justice Studies Advisor, Karin Lacour-Rivers, for further advising assistance:

Karin Lacour-Rivers


DIV instructors who have counseling backgrounds can provide support to SJS students with issues and concerns related to inter- and intrapersonal development, cross-cultural communication and mental health associated with social justice work.

Last Updated: 12/15/22