The Social Justice Studies Graduate Distinction

Although students are encouraged to complete any number of Social Justice Studies courses, those who seek to enjoy the full Social Justice experience will have an opportunity to earn a Social Justice Studies (SJS) Graduate Distinction. The SJS Distinction offers students an opportunity to work more closely with socially-engaged Harper faculty and exposes students to interdisciplinary approaches to social justice work. Earning the SJS Graduate Distinction creates a unique advantage for students’ future employment, scholarship opportunities, and personal development. Through coursework,  mentorship, and a Capstone Project,  SJS scholars are encouraged to explore opportunities which empower them to become active participants in their campuses, communities and workplaces.

A student who earns the SJS Graduate Distinction will meet the following requirements while earning their Associate’s degree at Harper:

Graduate Requirements
Earns Distinction on Transcript and Diploma

  • Grade of C or better in 12 or more hours of interdisciplinary academic coursework 
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Capstone Project Proposal
  • Capstone Project

A student who wants to pursue the SJS Graduate Distinction without earning a degree should meet the following requirements before leaving Harper.

Non-Graduate Requirements
Earns letter of Recommendation from the SJS Coordinator

  • Grade of D or better in required coursework 
  • No Minimum GPA Required
  • Capstone Project Proposal
Last Updated: 11/12/21