Harper College

Capstone Project

The Social Justice Studies (SJS) Capstone Project is your opportunity to reflect on, apply, and demonstrate what you have learned in SJS coursework. Your project should be aligned with your personal, professional, and academic interests and should utilize specific ideas, theories, methods, and narratives that you have learned towards addressing a specific social justice issue. Capstone projects are a unique opportunity to enhance your transfer and/or job applications and for focusing your future academic and professional goals. Completing a capstone project is required to earn the Social Justice Studies Distinction.

All students who are planning to complete an SJS Capstone Project must complete the following requirements:

  • Meet with the SJS Coordinator to declare your intention to complete a capstone project. The coordinator will assist you with enrolling in the capstone course (see below) and help to match you with a faculty mentor suited to your interests and goals. To schedule a meeting email the SJS Coordinator at the following address: socialjustice@harpercollege.edu .
  • Enroll in CAP201: The Social Transformation Capstone. In CAP201 you will complete: (1) an e-portfolio reflecting on your social justice studies coursework; (2) a case study utilizing concepts and themes from your portfolio; and (3) a capstone project applying knowledge and skills gained throughout your experience toward addressing an existing social justice issue. (Students have the option to enroll in the 2 credit section or the 3 credit section; the latter option includes a service learning component.)
Last Updated: 4/8/24