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Hire An Apprentice

Why an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship with Harper College is a low-risk hiring strategy that builds loyalty and allows you to develop employee training programs that pass on the knowledge of your experienced employees.

Apprenticeships can help your company

  • Improve your strategy for hiring a skilled workforce
  • Fill in your company’s skills gap
  • ‘Grow your own’ talent to teach your company’s ‘way’
  • Increase employee loyalty and reduce turnover
  • Diversify your workforce
  • Reduce recruiting cost
  • Ensure knowledge of seasoned experts is passed down 
  • Put entry-level employees on the career path

Additional Benefit: As of January 1, 2020, Illinois employers can receive a tax credit for employing a registered apprentice.


In addition, apprenticeships offer the following benefits:

Apprenticeship Tailored Training IconTailored Training

The employer chooses the apprentice’s mentor who is responsible for training and developing the apprentice on the job. The educational component of the apprenticeship program is designed so apprentices can immediately apply theory learned in the classrooms to practice while at work. Upon graduation, apprentices are fully qualified for their occupation and ready to excel in your company.

Apprenticeship Access IconAccess

Harper College acts as the buffer between your company and the Department of Labor (DOL). Harper will file all necessary paperwork including registering your apprentice, providing you with check lists of competencies observed, and preparing students to earn their credentials. Furthermore Harper provides the mentors working with apprentices "The Mentor and the Apprentice" course at the beginning of their journey to bring context to their new responsibilities with an apprentice.

Apprenticeship Recruiting Cost IconRecruiting Cost

Companies are invited to calculate the Return on Investment of hiring an apprentice here. With a steady stream of new apprentices going through Harper’s program, employers will have continued access to new talent. Harper’s Registered Apprenticeship employee training programs can significantly reduce costs associated with recruitment and retention.

Apprenticeship Greater Loyalty IconGreater Loyalty

Investing in your employees is a proven method to build loyalty. Apprenticeship creates a valuable working relationship from the beginning that will help the apprentice establish a career within your company with a strong foundation of knowledge and connections with colleagues.

Mentor Training

Having a mentor is an excellent way to encourage personal development and relations within a company.

Employers who are new to mentoring an apprentice can complete "The Mentor and the Apprentice" course. 

In this course, you will explore the idea of mentoring in the workplace and learn about types of mentoring and the advantages to the mentee, mentor, and employer alike. Please request the web link from the Office of Apprenticeships (apprenticeships@harpercollege.edu) to enter the course. A certificate is awarded upon completion. 

Employer Resources

Harper College Registered Apprenticeship Program Fact Sheets, Agreements, and Other Resources

Program Fact Sheets

Program Agreements (PDFs)

Weekly Conversations Documented on Apprentice Work Log

Last Updated: 12/21/23