Harper College

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for Credit Classes*

In-District Residents: $138.50 per credit hour (Employees of in-district companies are also eligible; see: Business EdVantage)

Out-of-District: $395.50 per credit hour

Out-of-State: $471.00 per credit hour

International Student: $471.00 per credit hour

Designated Programs/Courses with 1.5x tuition

The following programs are charged 1.5x the regular rate of tuition due to the nature of clinical experience and individual instruction required, along with specialized technology and equipment necessary to offer these programs.


  • Dental Hygiene degree (DHY)
  • Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography degree (DCS)
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography degree (DMS)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging certificate (RAD)
  • Mammography certificate (RAD)
  • Nursing degree (NUR)
  • Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)
  • Practical Nursing certificate (NUR/PNC)
  • Radiologic Technology degree (RAD)
  • Surgical Technology degree (SUR)


  • DCS prefix
  • DHY prefix
  • DMS prefix
  • NUR prefix
  • PTA prefix
  • RAD prefix (most)
  • SUR prefix 

*Costs subject to change without notice 

Fees for Credit Classes 

  • Application Fee: $25 
  • Activity Fee, full-time student: $42
  • Activity Fee, part-time student: $21 
  • Registration Fee (non-refundable): $15
  • Universal Fee:  $19 per credit hour 
  • Distance Learning Fee: $20 per section 
  • Fast Track Fee: $10 per course
  • Course Supply Fee: Varies per course
  • Course Materials Fee:  Varies per course
  • Other Course Fees: Varies per course
  • Laboratory and Music Fees:  Will be indicated at time of registration
  • Academic Transcripts Fee: $5 per transcript

Application Fee 
A one-time application fee of $25 is charged to each new student applying for admission for credit courses. The fee, which is non-refundable, covers the cost of processing the application.

Activity Fee
Students enrolled for 12 or more credit semester hours will pay a $42 activity fee for each semester; students enrolled for less than 12 hours will pay a $21 activity fee. No activity fee is charged for students enrolled only in Community Education or Continuing Professional Education courses. However, students enrolled only in Community Education or Continuing Professional Education courses may wish to pay the activity fee to obtain a HarperCard (see: Student Engagement).

Registration Fee
A $15 non-refundable registration fee is charged to all students registering each semester for credit courses. If a student decides to drop all of their courses after they had registered for a semester, they are required to pay the $15 registration fee.

Universal Fee

The universal fee of $19 per credit hour will be assessed to all students enrolled in credit courses.  This fee helps to support student based technology, campus construction and renovation of outdated facilities, student access to the parking structure, and student access to the Health and Recreation Center.

Course Supply Fee
These fees are to cover the costs of consumable supplies, materials, requirements for Health Career programs or licensing for tests or software that is specific to a particular course and beyond those covered by the regular tuition.

Course Materials Fee
These fees are to cover the costs of digital course materials which includes electronic access to ebooks and other required web- based materials. 

Other Course Fees
These fees are to cover the costs of non-consumable supplies or materials. Students enrolled in MUS-100 level courses will pay $100 per course, per semester. This entitles the student to one 30 minute private lesson per week. MUS-200 level music students will pay $200 per course, per semester and will receive one 60 minute private lesson per week.

Distance Learning Fee
These fees are assessed to a specific sections that are listed as either blended or web-based.

Fast Track Fee
These fees are assessed to a specific sections that are listed as fast track.

Payment Deadlines
Students are required to select a payment arrangement at the time of registration.  Financial aid awards and other tuition reductions will be included in the "Amount Due" calculation if all required documents have been received and processed prior to registration.  If payment arrangements are not completed by the deadline assigned during registration, the student's registration will be removed.  Students are not allowed to attend classes until a payment arrangement is in place for the term.

Any student with no amount due at the time of registration will need to click on the "Finalize Registration" button within 30 minutes to keep their schedule.  The Harper College Business Office will contact students with a payment due date if it is found they owe a balance after they have finalized their registration.

Senior Citizen Discount, for college level credit courses
District residents age 65 years of age and older are eligible for a 100 percent tuition discount, for college level credit courses. This discount applies only when registering three calendar days or closer to the first day of that particular class. This must be the student’s initial enrollment in the class and there must be space available. Students may not drop and re-enroll for the discount. This discount does not apply to fees.  Fees will need to be paid by the assigned due date.

Last Updated: 4/3/24