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Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act

Originally known as the Campus Security Act, the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (20 USC ยง 1092(f)) is the landmark federal law that requires colleges and universities across the United States to disclose information about crime on and around their campuses. The law is tied to an institution's participation in federal student financial aid programs and it applies to most institutions of higher education both public and private. The Clery Act is enforced by the United States Department of Education.

Harper compliance information can be found at the Annual Campus Security Report page.

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, which became effective on October 28, 2002, is a federal law that provides for the tracking of convicted sex offenders enrolled at or employed by institutions of higher education. This Act requires colleges to issue a statement advising the campus community where information concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained and makes the college responsible for providing the name, address, birth date, place of employment, school attended, and offense to any individual on campus requesting information concerning sex offenders attending or employed by the college.

The Illinois State Police maintains a list of all sex offenders required to register in the State of Illinois. This database is updated daily and can be found at www.isp.state.il.us/sor. The Harper College Police Department also maintains a sex offender list that contains the names and information for all known sex offenders enrolled at or employed by the College. This sex offender list is available for the college community to view at the Harper College Police Department, Building B, Room 101.

Additionally, federal and state laws require sex offenders to take certain steps upon enrollment in an institution of higher education, regardless of whether their enrollment is full or part time. Pursuant to the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, individuals are required register as a sex offender in the jurisdiction where their residence is located and, in the jurisdiction, where the college they attend is located. In order to comply with federal and state registration requirements related to college enrollment, a sex offender must register within five days of attendance at a college by reporting in person to the Campus Police Department. Students who fail to register their status as sex offender are in violation of the registration act and face arrest and expulsion from the college.

For additional information or request a hard copy of the Annual Campus Security Report, please email: police@harpercollege.edu

Last Updated: 2/13/24