Harper College

Harper Class Withdrawals

Students who wish to withdraw from a class after the regular refund period must withdraw officially either online or via an email (to regoff@harpercollege.edu) from their Harper email address (not personal email address) by the appropriate deadline date. A student who does not withdraw officially from a class prior to the last date for withdrawals is subject to an F grade.

The following guidelines determine grades for an official withdrawal from a 16-week course; the timetable for withdrawing from other courses (12-week, 8-week, 4-week, etc.) will be determined on a pro-rated basis according to these guidelines:

  1. Classes dropped prior to or within the refund period will not become a part of the student's permanent record;
  2. A W grade will be assigned to a class dropped after the refund period and prior to the last date for official withdrawals;
  3. A student who does not withdraw officially from a class prior to the last date for withdrawals is subject to an F grade.

The deadline to withdraw from classes is available on the student schedule on the Student Portal,  by viewing the "Important Registration and Payment Dates" calendar at www.harpercollege.edu/registration/dates, or the official College calendar for the year in question.

Administrative Withdrawals

Beginning fall 2021, students who are registered for a class but never attended will be administratively withdrawn from the class. Faculty notify the Registrar’s Office at the midterm of the semester of those students who were not in attendance. The academic transcript will reflect a grade of NS – never attended class. The NS grade may affect federal financial aid and federal veteran benefits.

If a student withdraws prior to the midterm of a course and the instructor has notified the Registrar’s Office that the student was never in attendance, the student will receive a grade of NS (never attended class).

Medical Withdrawals

Medical withdrawals provide students an opportunity to withdraw from a class(es) after the withdrawal date due to a medical/psychological reason or a personal crisis. Tuition refunds are not granted for medical withdrawals. Medical withdrawals are only granted after the semester has ended and the student has received an "F" grade for the semester. Medical withdrawals are honored within the past 5 years and no more than 2 terms will be honored.  A medical withdrawal is offered as an option only after the semester withdrawal period has ended.  Requests for Medical Withdrawals can be found in the Student Portal under Registration and Records. Students requesting additional information on medical withdrawals should contact appeal@harpercollege.edu.

Military Registration

Harper College offers priority registration to continuing students who are veterans or military-connected students (Reservists, Active Duty, National Guard, or Eligible Dependents).  Veterans and military-connected students may register for classes on the first day of priority registration. Documentation may be requested to verify a student’s veteran or military-connected status.

Military Withdrawals

In support of America's call to military action, the College will offer full refunds of tuition and mandatory fees to all military reservists, National Guardsmen and active-duty military personnel who receive emergency orders preventing them from attending classes after they have enrolled at the College. Official documentation is required and may be submitted through the online registration appeal process at www.harpercollege.edu

Appeal Process

Students who feel they have a legitimate reason for not adhering to the refund/withdrawal deadlines set forth by the College and can substantiate their request with appropriate documentation, may fill out a registration appeal online at harpercollege.edu.  All appeals are reviewed by the Appeals Committee. The process may take up to 3-4 weeks. Students will be notified by email with the final decision.

Appeals will not be accepted for grades previously earned. Appeals for grades to be removed from an official academic record will not be approved

Last Updated: 4/3/24