Harper College

Choosing a Major or Career

An essential part of selecting a college is choosing your major and career area. Unless you choose a career-focused path, your first year or two of college primarily involves taking classes like English, math, history, basic science and perhaps a second language. These classes are usually referred to as general education or "gen ed," and they help you become accustomed to the work you need to do as a college student and may even influence your choice of major. 

Your choice of major can offer a variety of careers from which to choose:

  • Take a variety of career-based classes in high school to find out if you enjoy a particular industry or area of study. Harper, in conjunction with area high schools, offers classes that allow you to take a class through your high school and also earn college credit. Ask your high school counselor for more information or visit harpercollege.edu/dualcredit.
  • As you contemplate a major related to a career choice, consider reaching out to your high school counselor for steps on career exploration.
  • Talk to your parents, friends and teachers about how they perceive your abilities and aptitudes.
  • Consider visiting the type of business or service you wish to pursue and ask the employees about the realities of the job.
  • Apply for an internship or volunteer in the career area of your choice.
  • When you have chosen a major, focus your search for a college or the institutions that are the most likely to help you achieve your goal.
Last Updated: 1/4/24