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The Ultimate College Planning Guide

The Ultimate College Planning Guide has been written and designed by Harper College for use by area high school students and families. You are invited to use this guide to work through the various stages of thinking about college, choosing a college, paying for college and far more.

Why College?

Whether you are interested in business, science, the arts, technical training or specialized instruction, a college degree can be an important entry point for pursuing a career. Learn More.

Choose the Right College for You

Deciding on which college to attend can be challenging. As you search for your school, keep in mind these factors.

Community College Advantages

Starting your journey at a community college can be beneficial. Take advantage of the many opportunities Harper college has to offer.

Choosing a Major or Career

An essential part of selecting a college is choosing your major and career area. Here are a few tips on what you can do to decide.

Simple Steps to Apply for College

Applying for colleges can seem overwhelming and confusing but getting through the process is easier than you might think. Read through these simple steps to learn more.

Unpack the Application Package

Take a deeper dive into the components of a college application. Read more.

How to Pay for College

Your college experience should be priceless, but it shouldn't break the bank. Read through the ways you can pay for college.


Additional resources and information to help you get started.

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Your one-stop service for managing student finances and registration. Get quick answers to your questions!

Last Updated: 12/14/23